Jun 21, 2019

The Sinister Doctor Orloff (1984)

Spanning three decades: It begins with The Awful Dr. Orlof (1962), then in the seventies we got Orloff Against the Invisible Man (1970), and The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff (1973). Now, let's have a look at the eighties entry into the Orloff saga.

Some girl comes to her apartment and gets undressed (like a good Franco flick, it starts with full frontal nudity).

The ladies in this film are good looking, but unfortunately uncredited.  Only Mrs. Orloff gets a name to her credit, the rest of the actresses are frustratingly anonymous. 

 The first victim encounters Andros (Rafael Cayetano) when she opens her closet.  You can see her screaming in the reflection on his sunglasses.  It's been done before in giallos, but it's still cool.

 Andros carries the nude girl out of the building. 

 Like another Franco film, Devil Hunter (1980), we spend a lot of time watching unconscious naked women being carried.

Dr. Orloff's son, Alfred (Antonio Mayans) wants to resurrect his dead mother Melissa (Rocío Freixas).  For some reason, he keeps her nude body lying around.  Actress Rocío Freixas literally spends this entire film nude and dead.

 In the other room, with Andros standing patiently by, the abducted girl is subjected to experiments to resurrect Melissa.  It's not clear what he does to the girls, but they always wind up dead.

 Alfred's father, the O.G. Orloff, doesn't approve of his son's experiments.

 Inspector Mario Tanner (Antonio Rebollo) is on the case of the missing girls.  His wife Muriel (unidentified actress) comforts her poor stressed husband.

 Mario interviews a witness to the abduction.  It's Jesús Franco playing a flamboyantly gay man; wildly inappropriate in today's climate, but still pretty funny.

And the abductions keep coming.  Alfred finds the pretty ladies, and Andros knocks them out and brings them to his lab.

 Alfred gets busy with a prostitute, then turns violent, whipping her.

 A tramp (Rafael Izurquiza) discovers a dead nude woman washed up on the beach.

 This proves to be a major break in the case, as the tramp leads Inspector Mario in the direction of Alfred Orloff.

 Alfred is brought in for questioning.  But Mario's interrogation doesn't yield anything valuable.

 For some reason, Muriel decides to walk the streets at night (perhaps to find the killer herself).

 She's captured by Alfred and Andros, and locked in a cell, naked from the waist down.

 Alfred conducts his experiments using Muriel, and it's a success.  Melissa is rejuvenated.

 Mario shows up at the Orloff residence looking sporty in a tied sweater.

 He discovers that his wife has died, and Melissa now lives.  (Although I was a little unclear if it's actually Melissa in Muriel's body.  Very confusing.)

It ends with Dr. Orloff laughing maniacally.  

This was pretty damn pathetic.  Sure, you get to see several women naked, and carried around - but the story is just not happening.  It just doesn't have the mojo of the seventies Franco films; it feels a bit tired.


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