Jun 21, 2019

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987)

It was called "the Blue Velvet (1986) of high school horror movies" by the Los Angeles Times, and it's an apt description.  This ain't your typical horror sequel, as you'll soon see...

 Mary Lou (Lisa Schrage) is Hamilton High's most popular girl, and tonight is her night.

But she fools around with another man, and her prom date, Bill, decides to get even.  He throws a firecracker (?) on stage and it lights her dress on fire, killing her.

Decades later - we meet the Carpenters: Vicki (Wendy Lyon), her mother (Judy Mahbey) who's like Carrie's mom - a puritanical zealot, and her father (Wendell Smith) a weak-willed loser.

Vicki finds a trunk in the basement of Hamilton High and becomes possessed by the spirit of Mary Lou.

 One of Vicki's friends has hair like Robert Smith of the Cure.  In fact, this film is brimming with the most amazing eighties styles you can imagine.

 Vicki's big-haired friend dies a horrible death in the arts-and-crafts room.  

Meet Kelly (Terri Hawkes), the snotty, miss popularity who thinks she deserves to be prom queen.  Vicki's friend, Monica (Beverley Hendry), hates her guts.

 Remember Bill, the guy who straight-up murdered Mary Lou by setting her dress on fire?  Well, he's now principal of Hamilton High.  Principal Bill Nordham is played by none other than Michael Ironside. His son, Craig (Louis Ferreira), is dating Vicki.

Monica is hanging out with a guy that reminds me of Duckie from Pretty in Pink, which came out the year before.  He's attracted to her, but he's just so damn goofy and annoying.... like Duckie.

Check out the clothes they're wearing for gym class!  Monica's pink and powder blue leotard is fucking amazing.

 Vicki is knocked out by the volleyball and ends up in this "Stranger Things" Upside Down World.  "Volleyball Ghosts" close in on her.

 Back at home, Vicki does some drawing, sitting in the sexiest pose possible.

 When her pencil falls to the floor, she reaches for it, providing a mighty upskirt.  She's subsequently attacked by spirits, and I'm reminded of JoBeth Williams wearing a similar outfit.

 Her giant rocking horse comes to life... which begs the question, why does she have a giant rocking horse in room to begin with?

 Back at school, Vicki sees "Help Me" written backwards on the chalkboard.  As she approaches...

 ...and she's swallowed up into the chalkboard, taking her again to the Upside Down World.  A really cool effect, making me miss the days before CGI.

 Craig, Monica, and Duckie wonder what the hell has gotten into Vicki lately.  She's been acting strange.

When her chemistry teacher, Mr. Craven (clearly a nod to Wes Craven), flirts with Vicki and touches her butt, she uses telekinesis to have a science experiment blow up on his crotch.

Monica notices what Vicki has done.  She sees that her friend has become possessed or something.  Actress Beverley Hendry was in her fair share of eighties TV including MacGyver and 21 Jump Street.  After a few episodes of Highlander and The Commish in the early nineties, she called it quits.

 Blink and you'll miss Beverley Hendry undressing in the locker room.  Some annoying chick's big head acts as a scenery censor, but it's still a nice bit of gratuitous nudity.

 Monica confronts Vicki in the locker room, but to no avail.  Vicki is clearly in another world.

Holy fucking shit.  This scene gets a lot of attention, for good reason.  Vicki follows Monica to the shower wearing absolutely nothing; it's steamy, but you still see the whole shebang.  Supposedly, she was orignally supposed to wear a towel, but the actress, Wendy Lyon, actually wanted to do it totally nude.

 Vicki manhandles Monica, then starts kissing her.  Monica runs screaming.

 Writer Ron Oliver was supposedly stunned when he saw the film, with Vicki fully nude, as his screenplay had her in a towel.  It's reminiscent of Lifeforce, which came out a couple years earlier, and also featured the actress (Mathilda May) slowly walking around, completely naked.

 Monica hides in a locker, and Vicki uses her telekinesis to scrunch her to death.

Vicki ain't finished yet.  She mounts Craig, calling him a "fag", yelling "You know you want to fuck me!"

Then it's on to Craig's dad.  Principal Bill comes to the horrifying realization that Mary Lou is back, in the body of Vicki.

 Easily the most disturbing scene in the movie - Vicki tongues her father... and he almost seems to like it.  He damn sure doesn't resist.

 Prom night has arrived.

 Kelly has rigged the prom queen votes, but Vicki uses her super powers to electrocute the vote counter.

 As Vicki approaches the cat walk as the official prom queen, Principal Bob fills her full of lead.  Craig leaps to her side.

 Shit gets even weirder - a damn arm emerges from Vicki's stomach!

 What in the holy hell?  A damn monster rises from Vicki's body and attacks the crowd!

Shit continues to spiral out of control, until Principal Bob is able to put the prom queen crown on Mary Lou - thus sending her back to the other side.  Vicki somehow emerges from the trunk in the basement, completely unscathed. THE END

I've reviewed well over 600 movies so far on Video Zeta One, and only given five films a 10 star rating.  Add this motherfucker to the list.  This ruled in every conceivable way.  The acting was amazing, the nostalgia factor off-the-charts, unexpected full-frontal nudity, and just a shit-ton of insanity that kept me glued to the screen - a demonic rocking horse, inter-dimensional chalkboards, a zombie emerging from a girl's stomach, father-daughter tonguing, and wonderful homages to other horror flicks. 

Lastly, I'll just say Wendy Lyon kicked total ass.  She is all-in, playing it to the limit, without being hammy or overboard.  This film is way better than a sequel to Prom Night has any right to be.



  1. "Supposedly, she was originally supposed to wear a towel, but the actress, Wendy Lyon, actually wanted to do it totally nude."

    Wendy Lyon, May Blessings be upon You!

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