Jun 14, 2019

Erotic Curse of Cairo (1997)

Yet another entry in the 1997 "Click" series.  So far, we've seen The Body BeautifulSex, Lies and Politics , and Balls of Thunder. Why watch another?  These were all by different directors, each delivering a slightly different spin to the "clicker" plot - and they starred some of the hottest B-movie actresses of the day, such as Gabriella Hall and Jacqueline Lovell. So, let's see how this entry into the Click series stacks up...

John Lazar as Dr. Fez is once again in pursuit of the clicker.  He finds it buried deep within an Egyptian pyramid.

Trying to evade his pursuers, he sneaks into a room being cleaned by a gorgeous maid, played by a VZ1 favorite, Kira Reed.

 Busy cleaning, the maid delivers one helluva upskirt.

Dr. Fez, understandably, can't control himself, and switches on the clicker - driving the maid into a state of arousal.

The maid absolutely dominates him, overcome with mad lust.  But it doesn't last long, as Fez's pursuers interrupt the violent love session.  The clicker is subsequently stolen.

 The clicker finds its way to Greece, into the hands of a wealthy woman named Gwendoline (Renee Thompson).

 Gwen gets aroused by the Greek antiques in the store and puts her clicker to good use.

She's soon having sex with the shopkeeper. But the clicker is again passed along to another owner...

The clicker makes its way to the Black Sea where the lovely Ina (Gina Garcia) uses it to arouse her mousy chess opponent, Francesca (Bo Zena).

Queue bad saxophone music and a poorly filmed lesbian sex scene.

 Now, we find the clicker being sold for vast sums to a rich corporate lawyer, Elwood Brimstone (Arthur Roberts).

 Brimstone tries it out on his secretary (unidentified actress).

 It works!

 Also at the law firm is the mega-hot lawyer Victoria, played by VZ1 fave, Jacqueline Lovell.

Brimstone naturally uses his new clicker to induce Victoria to have sex with him in the boardroom.  Unfortunately, he croaks.  Victoria, finding her boss dead beneath her, takes the opportunity to take his position as head of the law firm.

While Victoria desperately hunts for the missing clicker, we find that the device has inadvertently landed in the possession of Ashley (Leigh Ann Garrett).  Ashley is a lonely, desperate gal, hopelessly calling old lovers while she drinks lots of wine.

Ashley meets a self-absorbed douche-bag actor.  He's out of her league, but when she clicks the ol' clicker, the lovin' begins.

She barely has time to enjoy her newfound gadget when Victoria shows up and has her henchman hold her at gunpoint, and give up the clicker.

Ashley is tied up in a warehouse.  Victoria turns the clicker off and on, zapping her in and out of ecstasy.

Dr. Fez teams up with a Hollywood agent named Lou (Kim Sill) and they break into the warehouse.

 Always the gentleman, Fez puts a cover over Ashley and ushers her to safety.

As he leaves, he turns the clicker on Victoria and Lou, who have hot lesbian sex in the packing peanuts.

Well, what can be said? It's like one Playboy pictorial tied into another Playboy pictorial, with only the loosest of stories connecting them.  But if you're judging it strictly on sex appeal (and why would you judge it by another standard?), then you have to say it gets the job done.



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