Apr 4, 2019

Nymphs (Anonymous) (1968)

An underground women's organization will stop at nothing to serve its members, the Nymphs - even if it means making house-calls to satisfy their fetishes.... or to "off" a husband who just isn't getting the job done in the bedroom.  It's an odd campy romp that warrants a look...

 Madame (Nancy O'Malley) is the head of an underground women's organization simply called The Federation. These ladies, with the aid of their subservient male underlings, do all manner of shady business to help unsatisfied wives and put men in the their place.

The Federation's most recent applicant is Laura Ellis (Natasha).  Her husband Stan (Gordon) just isn't satisfying her.

He's an athlete and a good looking guy, but just not responsive enough to her needs.  She splays around naked and doesn't even stop doing push-ups.

While Stan is work, Laura paces around in a see-through nightie chain-smoking.  For her, every minute not having sex is a wasted minute.

Madame receives her call, but denies her request.  I have to say, the character of Madame is amazing - sort of a Elvira/Vampira vibe.  Sadly, she's under-used, only appearing here-and-there on the phone.

A door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman arrives at the Ellis residence. Little does he realize, he's in the presence of an unsatisfied nympho.

As he demonstrates his product, we get a textbook example of the A-Frame.

Stan hires a psychiatrist (Jack King) to help out his nympho wife, but all she can do is come onto him.

Finally, Madame fulfills Laura's request, but it doesn't turn out the way she expected.  The Federation's male minions come to satisfy Laura... but when Stan arrives they beat the shit out of him.

Stan suddenly becomes interested in this Federation.  He follows their male employees making a visit to a rich woman's home.  As Stan hides in the foliage outside, we get to see the action indoors.

The rich woman is played by the gorgeous Helena ClaytonWe ran into Clayton in The Brick Dollhouse; she also appeared on Monty Python.

The two Federation men suddenly get rough - accusing the woman of cheating on her husband.  The rip her clothes off and start beating her with their belts.

Dean Martin does a similarly violent clothes ripping to Stella Stevens in The Silencers - but we're supposed to think it's cool.  I mean it's Dino - how can you get mad?

Then, unexpectedly, the gentleman invites her to dance.  She smiles and we realize this was all a game - the rich woman's fetish.

Holy shit - this escalated quickly!  Stan has had enough of watching The Federation play their sexual games.  He's camping out and sniping their employees!

 Laura is being visited by another round of Federation guys making a booty call.

 Stan straight up shoots the guy in the forehead! 

Stan poses as Federation guy here to service one of their so-called Nymphs.  I don't know the actress' name, but she reminds me of Virginia Madsen.

 This girl has a fetish for having her dress ripped off, which Stan does dutifully.

 The girl puts on another dress, and runs around the bedroom chased by Stan.

Stan rips her dress off again; this time she's wearing nothing underneath.  This dress-ripping thing happens two more times.

 Laura and the psychiatrist have involved the cops to help bust The Federation.

 A Federation agent arrives at Stan's place with a blonde named Millie (Jymi).  

 Millie does a striptease for Stan while the Federation employee watches television.

Jymie is hot.  You'll note that a lot of these actresses were one-and-done; using a pseudonym and never acting again.  Even Laura and the Madame were never in another flick.

Before the lovemaking session goes any further, the Federation guy tells them to take it to eh bedroom.

Holy fucking shit.  This just got dark.  Stan now wears a creepy mask and starts offing Federation employees.

 After wasting a dozen or so employees, he comes to kill Laura!

Laura is such a hopeless nympho.  She asks for one final request before he pulls the trigger - to please rape her.

 Madame has a plan to deal with Stan once and for all...

Madame sends a college professor named Grace (Loie Lane) to reason with him, to make him understand the nature of sex.

Before the real learning can commence, the officer, alerted earlier by Laura and the psychiatrist, arrives.  But, of course, he's a sucker for a naked woman, and no charges are filed.

 After the cop leaves, Grace and Stan enjoy a bath.  

Madame has one final maneuver to take care of Stan - she's sending her dykes.  (This is the only scene of Madame in the buff, by the way.)

Two lesbians (Michelle Angelo and Meri McDonald) arrive and rough-up Stan with some tough love.  Stan escapes and falls down (dead?) in front of a couple undertakers who are busy taking away the various victims from Stan's body count.  THE END

I have to admit, this was a lot of fun.  Clearly, it's just silly nonsense serving as an excuse to show titties.  But it was so damn weird and campy, I couldn't get enough.


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