Apr 1, 2019

Night Nurse (1979)

Original Title: L'infermiera di notte; An Italian sex comedy starring the usual suspects: Lino Banfi,
Alvaro Vitali, Jimmy Il Fenomeno - and the sex object to be lusted after is not Fenech this time, but another drool-worthy actress, Gloria Guida.

Nicola (Lino Banfi) is a dentist who can't keep his hands off his patients, even though he's a married man.

He's currently shagging his patient Zaira, played by the always gorgeous and always naked Paola Senatore.

Alvaro Vitali, as always, the dithering, hyper-horny moron.  He's Nicola's assistant Peppino who comes in right before he's ready to doink Zaira.

 So, Nicola, rather than admit he's cheating on his wife, pretends to be giving Zaira an exam.  Isn't that hilarious?  Well, not really - but if you're a fan of Three's Company's brand of humor (which I wholeheartedly am) then this is for you.

 Nicola's son, Carlo (Leo Colonna), is constantly being hit on (and hit on hard) by his downstairs neighbor played by Annamaria Clementi.

Carlo wonders who the boxer is on the wall. 

 The girl informs him that it's her husband.  And just like that, Carlo gets the hell out of there.

This is Jimmy Il Fenomeno's one scene.  He plays a postman who delivers some important news to Nicola.

The big news: Nicola's uncle has plans to change his last will and testament - and he's coming to visit.  Nicola's wife, Lucia (Francesca Romana Coluzzi), who's normally a browbeating nag, suddenly has renewed vigor... vigor to keep the uncle happy and get some of that inheritance

Uncle Alfredo (Mario Carotenuto) arrives.  He's on death's door - and will live out his final days in Nicola's house.

But Uncle Alfredo is a fraud.  He's actually a jewel thief.  He believes a valuable diamond is hidden in the chandelier.

Lucia and Nicola come to Alfredo's aid when he falls, completely unaware he was just trying to steal a jewel.

Carlo is still being hit on by the boxer's wife.  Every trip downstairs becomes a dangerous encounter. This time she nabs him to come help with a leaky pipe.

 The neighbor gets on a ladder to show him her plumbing problem.

 We're compiling quite a list of "girls on ladders" here at VZ1 - add this one to the top of the stack.

[Speaking of Italian sex comedies where a hot lady requests assistance with plumbing repairs, look no further than Edwige Fenech in Poker in Bed.]

Carlo can resist it no longer and throws her down on the table.  But he hears someone outside the front door and makes a break for it.

But it was only his father, Nicola, who promptly faints when he sees her naked. 

 We're over thirty minutes into the movie, and we finally have our headliner actress, Gloria Guida.  She's hired as a night nurse to attend to poor "sick" Uncle Alfred.

 It's unusually warm in the room.  Alfred is asleep, so Angela cools off by unbuttoning her nurse's uniform.

The eternally horny Nicola, has scaled the outside of the building to get a good look - and, boy does he.

This scene is smoking hot, with Guida delivering a topless scene that goes on for a while - cut short only when she has to close the door to Lucia's room behind her after Alfred wakes up and sees the two ladies.

Carlo is a medical student and Angela is in nursing school.  They meet at a disco and become attracted to each other.

 Back at Nicola's dental practice, Zaira is back for another round.  The trouble is, Nicola is getting tons of sex at home thanks to Lucia's renewed vigor inspired by the promise of an inheritance.

Lucia stops by unannounced.  Nicola quickly throws Zaira in the storage closet with Peppito.  When Lucia opens the door finding them together, I laughed out loud.  It's just played so high-energy and over-the-top, you can't help but laugh along with them.

 The boxer's wife ups her game.  This time, when Carlo goes down the stairs, she's completely naked.

 The film unfortunately tries to stay clear of full frontal nudity, but it comes pretty damn close.

Carlo succumbs once again to the temptation, but is again interrupted when there's a commotion at the front door.  It's the boxer this time, but he's so punch-drunk, he doesn't even see Carlo.

 Carlo and Angela enter a disco dancing contest.

Okay, it's not Saturday Night Fever level, but still a dynamite disco scene if there ever was one.

 To top things off, Angela performs a musical number after the competition.

This is interesting, because this same year, Nadia Cassini did her own musical number in a Lino Banfi/Alvaro Vitali comedy - The Nurse in the Military Madhouse (1979). I guess 1979 was the year Italian sex symbols decided to go disco - I mean, who wasn't cashing on the craze in '79?

In order for Angela to go out to the disco, someone has to fill in for her night nurse duties. Carlo convinces Peppito to pose as Angela - which, predictably, leads to gags featuring him getting hit on by both Alfredo and Nicola.

 Meanwhile, Carlo and Angela consummate their relationship.

Eventually, Alfredo's ruse is discovered.  He confesses that he's after the diamond in the chandelier.  The problem is, the chandelier just was sold to a junk dealer! A wacky chase ensues, where they chase the dealer to the pier, watching in horror as he throws the chandelier into the ocean.

But the night nurse has already pulled the diamond from the chandelier.  She and Carlo watch the chaos unfold below their window, knowing they have the last laugh.  THE END

There were so many of these seventies Italian comedies, often featuring the same cast and the same basic plot devices.  Somehow this one stands out as fully delivering what each of these films strove for - an energetic, nonstop barrage of sex and hilarity.  The girls are constantly naked and stunningly beautiful, and everyone seems to go all-in with this one, delivering some quality comedy - even Alvaro Vitali didn't annoy me, and that's saying something.


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