Apr 22, 2019

Lucky Bastard (2014)

A found-footage thriller about a porn site with a gimmick to allow a "lucky bastard" to appear in their movie. Unfortunately, the winner turns out to be an absolute psychopath.

 Casey (Catherine Annette) is a slow-witted girl who's come to get her big break in the porn industry.

The scene abruptly cuts to Casey getting absolutely rammed by a porn star, Josh (Lee Kholafai).

 At the front door is Ashley (Betsy Rue). 

 Ashley had a friend raped at this porn studio and works to free Casey.

But it's all a joke.  Ashley and Casey are actually actresses playing the part in a porno. (This was actually my favorite part of the movie.  Not that it's downhill from here, but this was a great way to start a movie.)

Betsy Rue has been in a number of mainstream TV shows including How I Met Your Mother, CSI, NCIS, True Blood, 90210 and iCarly.  She was also in Halloween II and My Bloody Valentine.

Catherine Annette's main claim to fame is her recurring role on Femme Fatales; she's been in a number of low budget movies like Super Shark (2011) and was Gwyneth Paltrow's body double in the Iron Man movies.

The porn producer and director, Mike (Don McManus) decides he wants a new gimmick: "Lucky Bastards", where your average Joe can win the opportunity to have sex with Ashley in the next porno.

This guy comes up on the monitor - an awkward loser named Dave (Jay Paulson).  Mike decides he's perfect for their first winner.

 The crew travels to meet David.  Casey, who's being banged by Mike, has edged herself into most of the camera work, much to the dismay of the true cameraman, Kris (Chris Wylde).

 They meet Dave, and it's instant awkwardness.  

 Dave is a bit too weird; Ashley can sense he is going to be trouble.

A bit of gratuitous nudity as Ashley is pranked in the shower - instead of a knife it's a dildo. 

It's interesting that both Catherine Annette and Betsy Rue deliver full frontal in this film given that they'd already had mainstream success on TV; as we all know, actresses usually start with the nude scenes then gradually work way to where they don't have to do them anymore.

The big moment has arrived: Dave gets to have sex with Ashley on camera. 

 But his finest moment turns into his worst when he prematurely ejaculates. 

 Dave freaks out and throws Ashley to the floor.

Dave is driven home by the film's editor - but he ain't going peacefully.  He kills the driver and heads back to the porn set.

Mike has decided to abandon the Lucky Bastard gimmick and get back to good ol' fashioned porno.  Ashley is relieved to be rid of the weirdo and back to getting banged by Josh.

Mid-hump, Ashley hears something - a commotion from outside the bedroom. 

It's Mike being attacked and murdered by Dave.  

 Dave kills Josh and Casey, then holds Ashley at gunpoint.

But Ashley is a fighter.  She cusses him out, then has him mount her as she grabs a gun and blows his brains out.  THE END

This was better than I thought it would be; the acting was actually pretty good, it had moments of genuine humor and fright, and kept up an energetic pace - plus the two actresses deliver a respectable amount of T&A.

I'm not much of a found-footage fan; I never really buy into the gimmick.  Other than maybe [rec] (2007) and its sequel, I'm not sure I've ever been particularly impressed with the genre, including Blair Witch - which I saw at the theater upon release.

My bias against found footage aside, this wasn't too bad - Jay Paulson plays a damn convincing socially awkward psychopath, and Betsy Rue often without clothes and is fun to watch on screen.


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