Apr 20, 2019

I Like to Play Games Too (1999)

Yes, it's another erotic thriller; even worse, it's a sequel.  But it stars Maria Ford and Stephanee LaFleur, promising much in the way of gratuitous nudity.  Let's give it a try.

The movie certainly starts out on the right foot with Maria Ford fully naked in the shower. She plays Suzanne, a wealthy advertising executive, who has just received an urgent phone call from Nick.

 Nick (Scott Carson) is a slightly goofy ex, who proposes an offer to Suzanne.  He has a mega-wealthy client named Dominick who owns a bunch of escort agencies, and could use her services.  (I'm not sure how - do these places advertise?)

Suzanne attends a posh party where she's supposed to meet Dominick.  Like most posh parties, there are fully nude ladies dancing.  Dominick's personal assistant, Mona (Kim Sill), immediately notices the newcomer.

 Suzanne sneaks around the estate and stumbles upon Mona and Dominick having sex.

 After an awkward introduction, Dominick (Bobby Johnston) shows an interest in working with Suzanne.

Dominick likes to play games.  He has one of his female minions, Amber (Nenna Quiroz), get Suzanne all hot and bothered.  Just as she's ready to explode with orgasm, Dominick shuts it down and tells Amber to leave. Suzanne is left embarrassed and confused.

It gets worse.  Later, he has Suzanne strip and fondle herself as he instructs her every move.  Again, she gets hot and bothered; she pulls her blindfold off... and finds Dominick gone - it was a tape recording of his voice.  That Dominick - what a trickster!

Suzanne's assistant, Tracy (Stephanee LaFleur), is a little suspicious of this Dominick customer.  She worries that they don't even have a contract.  Suzanne tells her not to worry; it's all under control.

Suzanne and Tracy meet with Dominick to get him to sign the contract, but are unable to concentrate and just babble incoherently as the wealthy trickster is playing a videotape of his sexual encounter with Suzanne on the TV behind him.

It's actually a pretty amusing scene; the self-assured Suzanne is being absolutely played by this guy.

 Suzanne has another rendezvous with Dominick, this time in the bathtub. 

Afterwards, Suzanne again asks Dominick to sign the contract - and he, again, refuses.

Suzanne turns the tables on Dominick, leading him to a hotel, tying him to the bed and leaving him there.

Back at her estate, Tracy asks what the status is with the Dominick account.  Suzanne assures her she's finally got the upper hand.

Take note that Maria Ford is once again delivering full frontal nudity.  She is naked a lot in this film - even by erotic thriller standards.

But when Suzanne returns to the hotel room, she finds Dominick waiting for her.  He ties her to the bed and makes her scream and beg for him to put it in her.  Yeah... so much for turning the tables on ol' Dom.

 When she returns to her mansion, a couple ladies with guns are there to greet her.

Of course, this turns into a three-way lesbian sex scene.  The girls were hired by Dominick, as he watches the sex unfold on his hidden camera.

Suzanne has finally had enough of being played.  She heads straight to Dominick's headquarters, confronts Mona and demands a meeting.

While Suzanne waits impatiently at his headquarters, Dominick, that sneaky bastard, is at her place coming on to Tracy.

 Tracy is a sucker for Dom's skills, and is soon having her panties pulled of in the bedroom.

 Stephanee LaFleur is a mega-hottie; a shame that this is her only nude scene in the film.

It ends in a truly unsatisfying manner in a standoff.  Nick arrives first, confessing that he arranged this whole enchilada to get back at Suzanne.  Then, Dominick arrives and demands Suzanne give him the floppy disk which contains incriminating information she downloaded at his HQ.  Then, it gets even more ridiculous, a vice agent arrives... there's gunfire, yada yada, Nick and Suzanne are back together. THE END

The ending was a rushed mess. Also, a big disappointment - Stephanee LaFleur and Kim Sill are way underutilized.  I like to see Maria Ford nude, don't get me wrong... but these girls only provide one brief nude scene apiece, whereas Ford is butt naked throughout.

The plot is that 50 Shades of Grey women's fantasy of being dominated; I've only seen it done well once, in Secretary (2002). I Like to Play Games Too was just forgettable and stupid; however, it was jam-packed with hot nude women, so I suppose I shouldn't complain too much.

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