Apr 7, 2019

Come to My Bedside (1975)

Original Title: Der Må Være en Sengekant!, Sexy Symphony in Italy, and Come to My Bedside in North America.  The usual Danish players are here: Ole Søltoft, Annie Birgit Garde, Søren Strømberg and others.  Would you believe this is the tenth Ole Søltoft flick covered on VZ1?  I can't help it.  I've developed a real love for these risque romps from Denmark.

Børge (Søren Strømberg) and Kirsten (Vivi Rau) are newlyweds who encounter some problems when Børge suggests oral sex.

Kirsten's mother, Cæcilie (Annie Birgit Garde), comes to her rescue.  Horrified that her daughter would be asked to give a blow job, she whisks Kirsten away from this horrible man.

Cæcilie's own home life isn't exactly sexually fulfilling.  Her husband, Hagbard (Paul Hagen), is obsessed with World War II.  So much so, he can think of nothing much else.

Hagbard's neighbor, Svend, is played by our friend Ole Søltoft.  Svend lusts after Cæcilie and is quite open about it to Hagbard.

Svend has plans to shag Cæcilie, and somehow this involves going in disguise to a grocery store.  Something was clearly lost in translation for me here - but the scene does provide some cool looks at a Danish grocery store.

Separated from Kirsten, Børge is fully enjoying his newfound freedom.  He's picked up a couple girls from the bar - the dowdy socially awkward Rita (Vic Salomonsen) and her blonde, outgoing friend Lili (Lisbeth Olsen).

 They play a game of strip poker.  Lili is the first to lose everything.

This strip poker game is nice, but the best ever is to be found in another Danish film, In the Sign of the Gemini (1975) featuring Cia Löwgren's boobs.  Another nice strip poker scene is in The Big Switch (1968).

The strip poker game turns into a threesome. There are some graphic moments here - as with a lot of these Danish sex comedies, they stuck in somewhat hardcore material in an otherwise tame sex comedy.  A review of the film I found sums it up best: "The sex is sometimes hard core, but in brief, matter-of-fact glimpses (for fifteen minutes in film history it was like that. Then, someone found out that they could show everything all the time)."

Børge rents his apartment from the stern Mrs. Peterson ("No visitors at night!"), who lives alone with her "little boy". Egon (Steen Frøhne), the "little boy", turns out to be in his early twenties. The inexperienced and awkward lad admires Børge's ease with women.

Egon works as a photographer at a micro-chip company.  Lo and behold, he's introduced to his new employee - Kirsten.

Børge tries to get Egon some action, so picks up a girl named Gerda (Anne Bie Warburg) at club and employs the ol' strip poker tactic.

But Egon gets too wasted on the booze, so Børge shags her instead.  Later, when Egon wakes up from his drunken stupor, he sees them making love, and decides to take pictures (WTF?)

Meanwhile, Hagbard and Svend continue to plot to wife swap. There is some convoluted scheming here that I, frankly, couldn't keep up with.

At the microchip company, Kirsten is developing Egon's film and comes across pictures of her ex husband having sex with Gerda.

She confront's Gerda, who is still at Egon's place, and a magnificent cat fight ensues.  Clothes, as you might imagine, come off amid the tussle.

Naturally, the cat fight segues into lesbian sex.  When Egon arrives, it becomes a threesome.

Børge arrives next and is horrified to see his ex-wife in bed with Egon.  After all, their split was due to her prudishness.

There's a bizarre side-story where one of Egon's photographs (a close up of Kirsten's vagina) is used as a marketing logo.  The head of the microchip company is horrified to learn its true nature, but bad luck turns to good fortune when a Japanese company loves the image and subsequently agrees to buy millions worth of their microchips.

Hagbard and Svend have been sneaking into each other's bedrooms at night and shagging each other's wives.  In other words, they've been wife swapping... without their wive's knowledge or consent.

The "blind" wife swapping has turned out for the best.  Cæcilie and Svend's wife have never been happier and more satisfied.  They meet in the supermarket, not knowing they've been doinked in the dark by the other's husband.

Cæcilie's newfound appreciation for oral sex leads her to call Kirsten and retract her judgement upon her son-in-law's bedroom habits.  The newlyweds are back together with her mother's blessing. THE END

It's a well-executed clever little story with lots of beautiful naked women - what more could you want? I suppose it was a bit predictable and contrived at times, and could get boring. Plus, the hard core scenes are totally unnecessary and involve body doubles - making this movie a lot more inaccessible for really no reason.  Still, it was good bawdy fun.


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