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Dec 26, 2018

The Suckers (1972)

Yet another entry in the "Most Dangerous Game" themed movies - a genre unto itself.  A group of models and photographers are caught in the "hunting humans" scenario where they must run for their lives as "big game hunters" stalk their prey.  Featuring Sandy Dempsey.

Traveling to a rich client's estate in the remote wilderness are (from left) two models, Barbara (Laurie Rose) and Joanne (Sandy Dempsey), and the modeling agency's owners/photographers - husband and wife, Cindy (Barbara Mills) and George Stone (Norman Fields). 

They arrive at the estate; George talks to Joanne - telling her to be polite the rich big game hunter, Steve Vandemeer (Steve Vincent).  The plan is to photograph Vandemeer hunting wild animals, and use the models to spice up the pictures.

Cindy is not really down with the plan, so she stays up in the bedroom drinking alcohol (and wearing a nice see-through nightgown).

Barbara hooks up with a guest named Jeff Baxter (Richard Smedley).

Joanne is a lesbian and is jealous that Barbara had a fling with Jeff.  They have make-up sex in the sunken tub.

We're at the fifty minute mark and all we've had is boring conversations and three sex scenes (Barbara and Joanne, Barbara and Jeff, and Cindy and George).

Finally, we get to some action.  Steve Vandemeer (and his associate) tells them to run for their lives; he'll give them a count, then start pursuing his human prey.

Joanne  is the first to get caught.  She's carried from the woods to a bedroom somewhere and raped.

Sandy Dempsey was one of the most prolific sexploitation actresses of the decade, acting in nearly eighty films from 1970 until her tragic death in 1975.

Cindy is caught by Vandemeer's associate and raped.

Steve Vandemeer arrives mid-rape, and doesn't like what he finds.  He believes his associate is about to betray him and take the girl to safety.  So, he shoots him.

Barbara and Jeff find a critically injured George.  Jeff doesn't take shit, and says he wants to turn the tables on Steve Vandemeer and hunt him instead.  (Yeah, might be kinda hard without a gun.)

Jeff and Barbara carefully walk through the rough wilderness.

They come upon the dead nude body of Cindy.  Barbara freaks out.  

It was a trap!  Steve Vandemeer put her body there as bait, which caused the couple to become entrapped in a net.  Barbara is tied to a tree and has her top ripped off.

But Jeff, the studly hero, is able to subdue the hunter, and the two of them get away. THE END

This should have been a lot better.  As mentioned, the first fifty minutes are literally just talking and screwing.  The Most Dangerous Game part was pretty good, but not worth the fifty minute wait.  The film was shot in three days, and it shows.

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