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Dec 28, 2018

Tempting Roommates (1976)

AKA Self Service Girls, Original Title: Mädchen, die sich selbst bedienen.  The anthology format was extremely popular for sexploitation films.  Whether it was the endless Schulmädchen-Report films from Europe or the nurse/stewardess films in the US, the anthology format fit the genre well - providing lots of women getting naked in bite sized stories.  They were like peep shows or stag films strung together, linked by an often weak centerpiece.

The centerpiece for this film is a dude in a sex shop looking at stag films. There are seven stories in all - with each one, this guy drops his coins in and grumbles incoherently about the poor state of modern pornography.

Segment #1 - Rita Waldenberg

The setting is a bowling alley. 

A girl in a miniskirt takes her turn.  She's played by Rita Waldenberg - you may remember her from What Really Happened to Miss Jonas? (1974).

 The gentlemen admire the upskirt, revealing no panties.

 Take note of the pins.  They're held in place by strings.  When the ball hits them, the string snaps off - I presume to display the score.

 The girl leaves and enters the bowling alley changing room.

One after another, the men enter the changing room and screw the girl... and that is literally all there is to this story.  These European anthology sexploitation films often don't have satisfying endings for each segment; their purpose is only to show skin.  Again, they're like stag films, shoddily linked together in an anthology format.

Segment #2 - Christa Free

 Christa Free is a nurse who admires the look of the man on the operating table.

 At night, she sneaks into his hospital room.

 She gets naked and the man is able to pleasure her, without barely moving.  

We know Christa Free also from What Really Happened to Miss Jonas? (1974) as well as several other German flicks covered on VZ1.

The film's director is Erwin C. Dietrich, who directed and produced a ton of these sleazy German films, often utilizing the same actresses.  Penthouse Playgirls, another Dietrich film covered on VZ1, features several of these actresses.

Segment #3 - Marianne Dupont

 The setting is a sauna.  Marianne Dupont enters and immediately starts flirting with the guy.

The trouble is, he doesn't respond to her advances.  She launches into an unexpectedly hostile response:
I'm going to take a cold shower.  It'll settle my nerves a bit.  You're a pussy teaser. I oughta smack your face. I should have been a dyke. You shit.

The man agrees to go back to her art studio.  

Marianne Dupont was in thirteen sexploitation films from '74 to '78, including  What Really Happened to Miss Jonas? (1974) of course, and Schuldmadchen Report 7.

Turns out, this lady just does sculptures of dicks. This is hilarious.

Segment #4 - Claudia Fielers

 This segment takes place on a plane.  I love seeing airplane interiors from back in the day.

The stewardess, played by Claudia Fielers, starts getting it on with one of the passengers.

Actress Claudia Fielsers appeared in  Penthouse Playgirls, I Like the Girls That Do, among other great sexploitation films of the seventies.  For some reason, this was her last film.'

 The stewardess smartly relocates their horseplay to the bathroom for some mile-high club action.

Segment #5 - Esther Studer

 This guy does nothing but watch stag films on his home projector.

 Next door, a girl comes home to take her shoes off after a hard days work.  She's played by Esther Studer.  We ran into her (and, interestingly her male neighbor) in Tänzerinnen für Tanger (1977).

 The girl checks herself out in her reflection.

 The guy has a peephole to her apartment and watches her fondle herself. 

 The girl sneaks into her neighbor's apartment.

This is a pretty cool image - of her standing in front of the projected film. I have to admit,  Erwin C. Dietrich was a talented director, elevating what could be cheapo sex films, into well-shot, brilliantly colored, and artistically captured works of sexploitation art.

Segment #6 - Monika Rohde

This guy plays his violin, and drives the girl next door mad with passion. 

 She hears the violin, and starts madly molesting herself.  The actress here is Monika Rohde, who had a brief scene in I Like the Girls That Do and a bunch of other seventies sexploitation flicks.

The girl fondles herself in front of a mirror, then takes the self-pleasuring to the floor.  And that's it for this segment.

Segment #7 - Martina Domingo

 Actress Martina Domingo plays a woman who is really, really loud during sex.

This bothers the hell out of her neighbor, who can't get any sleep.  As a retaliation, he tapes himself having a loud orgasm, then plays it at full volume.

A close look at the reel-to-reel recorder. 

His recording manages to arouse his neighbor, and she sneaks over to have sex with him.  However, he has a premature ejaculation.  The woman leaves disappointed.

And that's it.  As far as sexploitation anthologies go, this was actually pretty impressive. The settings are awesome - a bowling alley, an airplane, a hospital, a sauna, an art studio, etc., all filmed in vivid color with an eye for framing a scene perfectly.  The ladies are hot, and the segments, while often pointless, are quick and don't last long enough to get boring.

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