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Dec 26, 2018

Sex, Demons and Death (1975)

Original Title: Diabolicamente... Letizia; a couple takes in a teenager with psychic powers.  Trouble follows.

Husband and wife, Marcello and Micaela Martinozzi (Gabriele Tinti and Magda Konopka).  They can't have children, so Micaela decides to take in her neice.

The niece, Letizia (Franca Gonella), is an odd girl.  She has a strange stare and acts kinda weird.  She also doesn't look like a young girl - but I'm willing to go with it.

At a restaurant, Letizia causes some dude at a nearby table to pour a drink on his face.  Apparently, Letizia has bizarre mental powers which she chooses to use in the dumbest ways possible.

At home, Letizia eyes herself naked in her bedroom mirror.

The butler/chauffeur Giovanni (Gianni Dei) accidentally finds her naked.  When she turns around, Letizia has a hairy werewolf face.  This understandably freaks him out a bit.

 The Martinozzi's dutiful maid is Luisella (Karin Fiedler). 

Luisella and Giovanni have a thing going; when the Martinozzi couple are out for the evening, these two take advantage of being home alone.

But Giovanni can't make it happen tonight.  Luisella suspects he's thinking about Letizia, and gets pissed off.

Luisella enters Micaela's room with bad intentions.  Little do they realize - they're under the hypnotic control of Letizia.

They're about to have sex when Micaela snaps out of the spell.  She's horrified and tells Luisella to get the hell out.

Letizia goes out for the evening and gets assaulted by hippies.  She arrives home in a daze. Marcello helps her to the couch.

Under her spell, Marcello rips her shirt off and the two have sex.  Letizia sends an ashtray hurling off the coffee table with her psychic powers.

The next morning it's not exactly clear what happened that night.  Was Marcello truly under her power, or is this something he wanted to do anyway?  Whatever the case, Letizia sure is fucking shit up at the Martinozzi household.  

 Letizia randomly makes Micaela, wearing only a towel, start rubbing on herself.

 Giovanni is spellbound to enter the room, and Micaela gropes him.

 Letizia snaps Micaela out of it, and smiles as she hears the woman scream at Giovanni.

 Letizia calms her aunt down with more psychic shenanigans.  You wonder at this point if there's a purpose to any of these mental tricks, or does Letizia just enjoy seeing random people hook up?

 Letizia takes a shower. Franca Gonella was in a number of saucy Italian movies in the seventies, but I don't believe she supplied any full frontal nudity - at least not this clear.  The shower scene lasts a long time; Director Salvatore Bugnatelli makes the most of this footage.

Letizia returns to her room and immediately starts causing telepathic trouble again.  This time she's focused on Marcello and Micaela.

She causes them to have a terrible fight; Micaela believes it's Marcello's fault they can't have a baby.

Letizia uses voodoo on Micaela.

 Micaela straight-up collapses with a nervous breakdown.  She's whisked away to an insane asylum.

 Luisella is killed by a creature in the forest outside the house.

His house in total collapse, a destitute Marcello gives Giovanni severance pay and sends him on his way....where he dies in a car accident.

 Letizia takes Marcello to a club with a bunch of evil hippies, where he soon dies.

 No one is left but Letizia.  She takes a moment to savor her victory.

A final twist: A man enters the living room, revealing he is the one who taught Letizia these occult powers.  He stabs her, then opens the safe to take the family fortune... but it explodes.  Realizing that Letizia has had the last laugh, he screams "Bitch!" as he falls to the floor, dead.  THE END

Well, you can't say the movie is boring; it definitely is a wild ride.  The trouble is, Letizia's tomfoolery gets a bit repetitive - constantly stirring up sexual shenanigans.  Rather than build tension, and perhaps have Marcello gradually understand the evil force under his roof, it is just random sexual mischief. 

Franca Gonella looks damn good in a miniskirt, and bares all in the shower scene - so it's got that going for it.  Micaela's self-molestation scene in the towel was pretty memorable as well.  Overall, it was  sexy and crazy-as-a-shithouse-rat - I'm glad I had a chance to watch this oddity from Italy.


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