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Dec 19, 2018

Scoundrel in White (1972)

Four years after Rosemary's Baby and her divorce from Frank Sinatra, Mia Farrow starred in this lesser known French dark comedy.  Also starring the always-stunning Laura Antonelli.

Paul Simay (Jean-Paul Belmondo) is a lecherous doctor.  He makes a bet with some friends - whoever shags the ugliest woman gets a big pot of money.

Paul learns to actually prefer ugly women.  In Tunisia, he meets a homely lady named Christine (Mia Farrow).

They get romantic in Tunisia, but that's where it ends... until they happen to meet again in Bordeaux. 

Paul learns that Christine's father is a wealthy man who owns a hospital.  They are soon married.

Uh oh.  Paul finds that Christine's sister is super hot. Worse still, Martine (Laura Antonelli) is a big time slut.

Paul and Martine are soon sleeping with each other.  He gets it into his head to get her pregnant (in order to keep her from straying to other men).

 Martine worries that she has missed her period.  Paul says not to worry and gives her a shot.

Paul and his colleague give Martine a medical exam.  Antonelli provides some quality nudity (as she did for the medical exam in Secret Fantasy).

Things begin to fall apart when Paul has a car accident.

He's assisted by the nurse, Carole (Marlène Appelt), who he, of course, gropes, manhandles and does all kinds of things that would get your arrested today.

As mentioned, things really start to fall apart for Paul.  He learns that he is paralyzed from the waist down.  He can no longer satisfy Christine, and plans to die soon.

But there's a twist.  Christine informs him that she knew about his affair with Martine.  The car accident wasn't an accident.  Christine has fallen in love with his doctor colleague, and they plan to enjoy his inheritance while he rots in the grave.

Carole listens to the whole conversation on the intercom system while seductively eating a banana (?) THE END

Nope.  I get that this is black comedy, but I didn't find the humor.  Paul is an unlikable shit, and Christine is just as unpleasant.  No real comedy occurs that I can gather. My question is why Mia Farrow is even in this.  First, it seems like she would be in bigger, more noteworthy productions than a little French comedy.  But, okay, I respect that she maybe wanted to go off the beaten path.  The real question is why Director Chabrol would want her in the first place.  She's not ugly, so they needed to make her up to look ugly.  Second, she didn't speak French so they had to dub her!  I presume Chabrol was just happy to get a well known Hollywood celebrity.

Add to this, the ending comes out of freaking nowhere, and is just ridiculous.  Admittedly, I was glad to see another nude medical exam featuring Laura Antonelli, but I'm not sure whether I enjoyed anything else.

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