Nov 11, 2018

Undercover Heat (1995)

There were so many erotic thrillers in the late eighties and nineties featuring female cops going undercover at strip clubs.  Everyone knows the Stripped to Kill series, and we encountered it in Dance with Death.  Here, instead of going undercover as a stripper, our hero poses as a prostitute.  Directed by the man behind Animal Instincts II, so we know what to expect...

Athena Massey plays Cindy, a tough-as-nails tomboy detective.  Her partner (both on and off the job) is Ramone (Jefferey Dean Morgan).  A high-dollar escort named Tracy has been killed, so Cindy will have to go undercover to find the killer.

Cindy goes out and buys the sluttiest clothes she can find.  Ramone doesn't know how to feel about this business.

Cindy auditions for Mrs. V, (Meg Foster), the madame of the escort service.

Mrs. V has Cindy take her clothes off.  

Athena Massey was in a lot of movies where she took her top off, but never full frontal: Termination Man, The Unspeakable, Vital Parts, Mortal Combat, and Poison Ivy 3.

Cindy finds a friend in fellow whore, Rain (Rena Riffel).  Riffel appeared in Showgirls as well as Mulholland Dr.

Cindy has her first appointment with a client.

The client wants to be punched as part of his fetish.  Cindy, a trained police officer, coldcocks his ass.

Cindy receives a lecture from Mrs. V about not coldcocking customers.

Cindy and Rain go through the Tracy's things to hopefully find clues to her killer.

Cindy, wearing an amazing see-through top, is introduced to her next client, Dr. Thurman (Norman Saleet).

Would you believe Norman Saleet wrote the song "Here I Am" for Air Supply?

Rain just had a troubling encounter with a customer who may very well be Tracy's killer.

Mrs. V informs Cindy that she's being promoted.  She now is allowed to engage with the top tier clients.

Mrs. V's bodyguard and right-hand man, Hunt (Anthony Guidera), confides in Cindy that he wants to find Tracy's killer.

Cindy plays a kinky cop with her next customer.

What gets me with these movies about female cops going undercover as strippers and whores - they always seem to get waaaaaay too into it.  Indeed, that is exactly what Sergeant Gold says to her in the next scene...

Sergeant Gold (Tom Tayback) wonders if Cindy is getting carried away and questions if she should be taken off the case.
Cindy: Gold, have you ever... when you were my age... did you ever just sow your wild oats?
Sergeant Gold: Well, sure I did... but what's that have to do with anything?
Cindy: Well, that's just sort of what I'm doing.
Cindy is getting it on with another client when she discovers a woman (Lisa Ann) taking pictures, hiding in the closet.

It turns out, this is the client's wife - they get off on voyeurism.  

Cindy engages in a threesome with the husband and wife.  Man, Cindy is really getting into her undercover role!

Cindy takes a bath, contemplating how far off the rails she's gone... then proceeds to fondle the faucet and masturbate.

Sgt. Gold decides he wants Cindy off the case; Ramone can't disagree.  But nothing is going to keep Cindy away from this mission.  She takes a sick day and goes back undercover.

She meets with one of her previous clients, Jefferson (Mark Kiely), an affable, friendly millionaire.

Cindy spies Rain tied up in his tub.  Clearly, Jefferson is our killer.

Sgt. Gold storms in at the last second, prepared to blow away Jefferson.  However, Mrs. V emerges out of nowhere and does the job for him.  THE END

In terms of plot, this is beyond shitty.  I mean, there's no mystery here - no way to piece things together to deduce the killer.  There's no sense of tension, no thrills in this "erotic thriller" - just a cookie-cutter storyline with no surprises.

That being said, if your goal is to see Athena Massey's boobs, this is a home run.  Her titties take up more screen time than any actor in the film. Beyond Massey's mammaries, there's absolutely no reason to watch this film.


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  1. Back when this aired over and over on Cinemax it was one of my favorite softcore movies - others were I Like to Play Games and Forbidden Games. There was something about Massey and her character losing herself in this world. The scene where she plays cop and gets the client to strip was very hot to me. Even more because at the time I was confused and thought the guy was an actual cop who'd come to tell her to leave the assignment and instead she seduced him.

    I had no idea Jeffrey Dean Morgan was in this movie.