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Nov 10, 2018

The Bod Squad (1974)

A group of white girls are abducted by Chinese sex slavers. The ladies learn martial arts and provide a beat down to their oppressors... nude, of course.  If you enjoy your martial arts topless, this is the film for you.

 A Chinese pirate ship has captured a group of white women to sell as sex slaves.

 The girls are inspected.

 Then, the girls are cleaned up.

 One of the girls, Donna (Sonja Jeannine) is taken away by one of the slave traders.  You may remember Sonja Jeannine in Bedtime Stories for Grownups (1975) in a blonde wig, or as the hitch-hiking con-girl from Schulm├Ądchen-Report 7 (1974).

The slaver molests poor Donna.  I'm not so sure the subtitles in this film are perfect translations.

Brenda (Gillian Bray), the tall one, is cocky throughout the experience, often humiliating her captors.

Donna's sister, Karen (Tamara Elliot), strikes up an alliance with Ko Mei Mei (Hui-Ling Liu), who helps the slavers, but is secretly on their side.

 Tao-Fu is one badass evil bitch.  She pulls Karen into a room alone...

With her fan blade, she cuts away Karen's clothes.  This may be the greatest scene in the history of cinema.

 Ko Mei Mei trains the girls in martial arts - and they are quick learners.  Among their new skills - to eat a piece of fruit and spit out the pit with deadly force.

The day of the slave sale has arrived. Karen and the other girls are put on the market.

 But once the girls are alone with their new owners, they put their martial arts skills to work.

 Half the fun of this movie is the subtitles.

Donna is the last one, and she's having the worst time of any of the girls, being assaulted and abused by her owner.

 But Ko Pao (Hua Yueh) arrives and helps her battle the legions of bad guys.

Actress Sonja Jeannine does a damn good job at this topless fight scene. 

Thinking themselves safe, the girls take time to play in the ocean... but the bad guys show up to spoil the fun.

 Another exceptional fight scene, with the girls topless of course.

 Donna and Anna (Diane Drube) are tied up and assaulted.

 Brenda is tied to a wheel and spun.  But of course, the girls manage to break free and beat the living shit out of their captors.

In the end, the girls take a boat to get the hell out of China; Donna decides to stay behind with her hero, Ko Pao.  THE END

This was pretty amazing.  I imagine seeing this at the drive in in '74; what an awesome experience.  Sure it's ridiculous from beginning to end, but it's just brimming with manic energy and titties.  The girls spend the majority of their screen time topless (no full frontal nudity, unfortunately) and are constantly either being abused or providing abuse.  A lot of fun.


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