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Nov 11, 2018

Love Me Deadly (1972)

I had heard that this was an extremely warped movie, making it incomprehensible that Lyle Waggoner of Wonder Woman and The Carol Burnett Show would star in it.  But it was the seventies - times were different.

You know it's going to be a strange movie when it begins with a woman kissing a guy in a casket with cheesy lounge music playing over the intro.

Lindsay Finch (Mary Charlotte Wilcox) can't help herself.  She keeps showing up at funerals and finding herself attracted to the dead men in the caskets.

 Otherwise, Lindsay is a beautiful, well-adjusted gal - the life of the party, you might say.  She even has a studly, blonde boyfriend, Wade (Christopher Stone).

But her necrophiliac tendencies are getting in the way of having a normal relationship.  Wade tries to have sex with her, but she just isn't capable.

Lindsay meets a dashing art gallery owner, Alex Martin (Lyle Waggoner).

The next day, Lindsay resigns herself to go to his art gallery.  But her effed-up alter-ego gets in the way, and she is unable to get to know him.  (Note that the director Jacques Lacerte clearly knew Wilcox looked good in a miniskirt, and lingers over her figure a lot in this movie.)

Lindsay is back to kissing corpses, but this time she gets caught...

 ...she's caught by a mortician, Fred McSweeny (Timothy Scott) who has the same deviant sexual appetite.  He informs her that there's a group of people just like her - she should join their sick club.

Lindsay refuses, but her desires get the better of her and she goes to the address McSweeny gave her.

 But she is utterly horrified by what she finds inside...

The necrophiliac group are all naked, surrounding a corpse.  Lindsay runs away screaming.

Remember ol' Wade?  He's worried about her.  He decides to introduce her to Alex the art gallery owner.  It'll do her good to get in a relationship with a normal guy.

Lindsay and Alex hit it off.  Insert cheesy lounge music again to play over the cheesy love montage.

 Alex and Lindsay fall in love so fast, they waste no time in getting married.

Dammit. Lindsay just can't keep away from dead guys.  Despite her blossoming relationship with Alex, she still visits the morgue by night.

Wade has followed her this time.  Unfortunately for him, the mortician is a member of the cult and kills him.

It turns out the cult is satanic, and they perform a grisly ritual on poor Wade.

Husband Alex is concerned about Lindsay.  She is unable to have sex, and often goes missing.  What kind of crazy bitch has he married?

In the climactic final scene, we find Lindsay among the satanic necrophiliacs.  We finally get some nudity from Mary Charlotte Wilcox; any nudity up till now has been poorly lit and very brief.

Mary Charlotte Wilcox not only delivers some quality nudity, but this is beyond controversial stuff here; this is fucking insane.

Alex has followed Lindsay to the morgue.  This is the look of a man who has just caught his wife screwing a corpse in a satanic ritual.

McSweeny kills Alex while Lindsay looks on in horror.

We get some flashbacks explaining her childhood trauma which led up to this horrific state of affairs, and the movie ends with Lindsay getting into bed with her dead husband.

This is an alarmingly demented movie - the only film to be directed by Jacques Lacerte.  They just don't make movies like this for theatrical release anymore.  I can't even imagine seeing that final scene sitting in the seats of my local cineplex. It's jarring not just for the squeamish content, but the movie feels like a family-friendly 70s TV drama; it even stars Lyle Wagonner!

It wasn't a particularly well-crafted movie; the film is pretty artlessly executed.  But it gets high marks for not being afraid to "go there", delivering some genuinely disturbing content.


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  1. Just watched this. It is an interesting story, but the bad movie making lets it down. This was the time of these low budget experimental films.Oh and Lindsay doesn't just get into bed with her husband's corpse, she's clearly diddling herself under the covers as the credits starts!