Mar 8, 2018

The Girl from Starship Venus (1975)

The Girl from Starship Venus (1975) AKA The Sexplorer; "She Came to Earth to Stay and Play!"

An alien race is studying the earth and its human inhabitants.  They have sent Surveyor to study the planet - who lands in Piccadilly Circus completely nude.

The Surveyor (incorrectly listed in IMDb as "The Explorer") is played by Monika Ringwald.  Monika is a German model/actress who appeared on Benny Hill and British sex comedies like Confessions of a Window Cleaner.  She also appeared on this Kinks album cover:

The Kinks' 1974 album "Preservation Act 2" - that's her in the front.

The Surveyor has landed in a gym, where her nudity starts to raise eyebrows.

The ladies at the gym give her a dress and our Surveyor begins patrolling the streets, winding up at an adult movie theater.

While at the theater, she gets manhandled by a trench-coat pervert; then proceeds to go down on him.

The Surveyor goes to the laundromat
Note that throughout this entire film, The Surveyor is talking (telepathically) to an offscreen alien (presumably in the spaceship or at their home planet).  In other words, the film is basically narrated from beginning to end - which is kind of lame.  It would have been much better had there been real dialog - the back-and-forth, like Mork to Orson (Mork & Mindy) gets old real quick.

The Surveyor goes to a wedding
The Surveyor encounters various locations of British daily life - a meat market, a wedding, a laundromat, a porno shoot, etc... all the while telepathically reporting on these strange humans to her leader.

The Surveyor goes to a strip club

At the strip club, The Surveyor drinks some alcohol which makes her turn green and sprout an afro.

The Surveyor hooks up with a British swinger who, for some strange reason, has a bedroom full of balloons.

When the two have sex, the dude gets electrocuted across the room.  He takes this to be a severe STD and demands that she leave.

The Surveyor gets arrested for taking a baby from a stroller; then she's taken home by a guy named Allan (Andrew Grant).  She feels week, so he carries her to his bed.

While the dude is away making her some tea, The Surveyor commences masturbation.

Monika Ringwald delivers some quality nudity for this scene.

The Surveyor starts dry humping a statue in his bedroom.  This scene reminds me of a similar scene in The Stewardesses (1969), except it was a big gawdy lamp.

The Surveyor makes advances toward her host, but he doesn't seem to pick up on it.

Finally, the two have sex.  When The Surveyor reaches climax, the film ends.

I appreciated the nudity from Monika Ringwald, but that's all this film has going for it.  The "comedic" observations and banter between The Surveyor and her offscreen boss are lame, and becomes intolerably stupid.  As mentioned, this would have been much, much better had they permitted Monika Ringwald to act, and actually had dialog between her and the humans she encounters.

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