Mar 29, 2018

The Bunny Caper (1974)

"Some have the urge.  Some have the touch.  These girls have it all!"

Rich girl heiress Bunny O'Hara (Christina Hart) is attending a respectable party on the White House lawn, when a gust of wind gives the guests an eyeful...

Wow.  We're ten seconds into the movie, and there's already bush.  And not just any bush, this is Christina Hart.  The same girl who didn't show any real nudity in The Stewardesses (a film chock full of nudity)... but here we go - and it's by no means the last.

Christina Hart would later play Mr Roper's niece on Three's Company

I'm as gobsmacked as this soldier.  Christina Hart was in every seventies TV show imaginable: Happy Days, Charlie's Angels (1976), Six Million Dollar Man (1977), Hawaii Five-O (1977), The Incredible Hulk (1979), B. J. and the Bear (1980), The Love Boat (1981), Dynasty, C.H.i.Ps, and several times on Three's Company (1977–1981).

Bunny O'Hara isn't just causing a stir at White House picnics, she's also sleeping with the military's top brass.

We see Bunny fly through the air, into the bed of a brigadier general.  This girl must be stopped.

A Four Star General wants Bunny out of the country.  He says she's a worse threat to the nation's security than Pearl Harbor.  So, they make her daddy a British Ambassador and send her to the UK.

Bunny's father, Randolph O'Hara (Gordon Sterne), and his secretary Judith Carter (Myvanwy Jenn) deplane in England.  They are met by Lord Teakwood (David Beale).

As Bunny deplanes, her dress is blown up once again.  At least this time she's wearing panties.

Historic levels of upskirts in this film, folks.  Historic, I tell you.

Cue groovy intro music...

The film was released as Games Girls Play in the UK

Hardly out of the airport, and Bunny is already making headway with high ranking officials.  Lord Teakwood is positively smitten.

Randolph is determined to not let the same thing happen in England that happened in the states.  He's enrolled Bunny in a high-class finishing school for girls.

Bunny doesn't like it, but she'll go.

Bunny meets her three roommates: Chris (Jill Damas), Jackie (Jane Anthony), and Sal (Drina Pavlovic).   You may remember the lovely and frequently topless Jill Damas from Can You Keep It Up for a Week? (1975)

Bunny convinces her roommates to go skinny dip in the pool. After all, it's an all-girls-school - what's there to be modest about?

The girls parade through the school completely nude.

Of course, this is not tolerated by the strict headmistress, Miss Grimm (Eunice Black) and her dyke assistant, Harriet Best (Sarah Brackett) whom they call "Hairy Beast".

Hairy Beast referees a game between the girls and a local boy's prep school.

Bunny falls and pulls a boy's shorts down in the process.

This results in all the girls pulling the shorts down of the other boys, and providing even more upskirts for a film already overflowing with upskirts.

As punishment, the girls have to clean up the school.

Bunny on a ladder gives Hairy Beast a nice view.

The girls hatch a plan to see if they can get in the sack with world leaders.  They each pull a copy of The Sun and must sleep with the headliner of that edition. To prove that each of them has made it with their celebrity, they enlist the school nerd, Ducky (Erin Geraghty) to follow each of them and snap a picture.

Chris has to sleep with a Chinese ping-pong player.  When she gets in the locker room she's basically gang raped (and I suppose we're supposed to laugh?)

Say cheese.

Jackie has to sleep with a Russian diplomat named Krashneff.

Bunny gets intimate with a Henry Kissinger type character named Doctor Wolfgang Meyer.

Chris does finally get alone with her Chinese celeb...

But she has to play a round of ping-pong before he'll get in the sack.

Photographing so much sex has stirred up our nerdy camera girl, Ducky.  Eventually, she can contain herself no longer...

Ducky goes running down a street, hysterically pulling her clothes off, begging anyone to have sex with her.

As you might imagine, this creates quite a stir.

Ducky is played by Erin Geraghty who was a lot of "respectable" productions such as Tales of Beatrix Potter (1971), Churchill's People (1975), and Murder Most English: A Flaxborough Chronicle (1977), and Florence Nightingale (1985).  She's been on British television consistently up until the present.

Finally, a police officer comes to take this sex-mad girl away.

Ed Bishop whom I know as the ultra cool Straker from UFO
However, all the girl's plans to get with each of their high-profile men ends in failure.  As each girl is about to get laid, the British government interrupts and abducts the girl in the nick of time.  The girls are brought before Stuart Beard (Ed Bishop) who informs them that they are compromising national security.

So, the girls say their goodbye, and Bunny leaves the UK, no doubt for another adventure (you get the feeling they were hoping for a sequel).

The film fittingly ends with one last upskirt from Bunny.

The first half of this film is outstanding fun, but I felt it lost a little steam when the whole bet-you-can-screw-someone plot took over. I'd have been fine just enjoying the risque shenanigans Bunny creates at her school. I thought they set it up perfectly... but then we never see the school or the stern Miss Grimm or Hairy Beast again.

I've never seen a film with so many dresses blown upward, and am beyond impressed that Christina Hart delivers the full frontal.  But, again, even the sex appeal tanks once the "real" plot kicks in. Alas, we see Christina Hart's bush consistently through the first half of the film, but once the "real" story starts, we don't see a single pubic hair.  What the ever lovin' fuck?


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