Mar 25, 2018

The Brick Dollhouse (1967)

"A shattering adult story of boys & girls together! They did everything the Romans did.. except maybe race chariots."

The Brick Dollhouse basically is just a flimsy excuse to show ladies naked.  There's a central murder mystery, but most of the time you're just watching girls get undressed.  I can think of worse reasons to watch a movie - let's take a look.

Carmen, Danielle and Sherry come home from a party to find their roommate, Min Lee, dead in her bedroom.

The dead naked girl is played by Joyana in her only role besides Poontang Plenty in The Girl from S.I.N. a year earlier.

The police arrive and interview the roommates to get each of their stories.

There are 5 roommates: Danielle, Linda, Sherry and Carmen..

Danielle (Janice Kelly), Linda (Helena Clayton), Sherry (Peggy Ann) and Carmen (Tina Vienna)
There's also another girl named Sandy, Min's lesbian partner.

The detective starts with Danielle...


Her story begins: "One night I was taking a shower...."

Danielle must have given a real detailed account of her shower because we get to watch the whole thing.  This is like a full five minutes of actress Janice Kelly showering.

You have to admire their skill at not including pubic hair in the shot.  The camera goes ever-so-close, deftly avoiding it, keeping it just out of frame.

But then, all their bush-concealment efforts are blown to hell when Danielle stands up from her vanity....

This is the only FFN shot in the entire film; this must have slipped under the radar.

Danielle explains that she then went to a party.

Of course, she doesn't stay clothed for long.

Danielle's roommates are here as well.  Sherry is being handed a joint while Danielle take a hit from the hookah. 

This may be the coolest party ever captured on film.  Check out all those awesome records.  I could look at this all day.  The bongo, the hookah, the topless girls, the vinyl... this scene alone is worth the price of admission.

Carmen does a "cha cha" as she calls it, while Danielle continues to drag from the hookah

Carmen goes next to tell the detectives about Rod's pool party.

This isn't Rod.  It's some dude at the party who was seen being rough with Min Lee.  He looks pretty suspicious to me.

At the pool party, Rod gets stoned while Linda (one of the roommates) strips for him.

But Rod is way too stoned to pay her any mind. Don't do drugs, kids.  You won't be able to appreciate a striptease.

Linda throws a tantrum, strips naked and jumps in the little pond. (We'll get to Linda's story later.)


Sherry tells of yet another party...

A guy proposes a variation on spin-the-bottle.  In this game, when the bottle points to you, you have to remove an article of clothing.  (Of course a guy came up with this.)

Min Lee does an exotic dance.

Linda makes out with Rod, while Danielle and Carmen share a joint.

That creepy fella from the pool party gives Sherry a rub down.

The party basically turns into an orgy.  Min and Sandy (at the entryway) head off to their room. That's the last time the girls saw Min alive.


Detective Parker leaves the girls to go have a word with Min's lover, Sandy, who tells her story...

For some reason, Sandy's story is about how she gave Linda an erotic massage.  I don't mind - Linda is easily my favorite of the roommates. British actress Helena Clayton is a mega fox.

Sandy offers Linda a vibrating massage.

Linda happily accepts.

Linda basically goes into full orgasm.  Actress Helena Clayton delivers her part well.  Bravo.

When Linda relates her story to the detective we learn that she lent her wig and a dress to Min Lee the night before the murder.  Rod must have killed Min Lee, mistaking her for Linda.

Rod is arrested, and the girls throw a party. THE END

As stupid as this film is, I can see why it might have been "breaking Cameo Theatre Records" back in the day.  It delivers everything you might want in a nudie cutie: a simple story which serves as a template on which to deliver constant nakedness.

Sure, it would have been nice to have some full frontal nudity (other than one slip from Janice Kelly), but there's so much else to love: the shagadelic parties, the groovy chicks, the happening music, the recreational drug use... it's a lot of fun.  I read the reviews on IMDb which unanimously declare this a yawner.  They obviously have no business watching a film like this in the first place.  The fun is contagious - and if you'r immune to its charm, than it's on you, not The Brick Dollhouse. 


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