Mar 14, 2018

Strip Nude for Your Killer (1975)

Original title: Nude per l'assassino; The usual giallo tropes are all in effect: a mysterious gloved killer, groovy music, cool fashions, and foxy ladies in various states of undress getting killed.  Let's take a look....

The film begins with a bang at an illegal abortion.  The scene is filmed all in blue filter.

The girl, Evelyn, dies of a heart attack during the procedure.  To cover his ass, the doctor, with an assistant, places her in her home in the bathtub.

The actress who plays Evelyn is unidentified on IMDb, and I can't find a credit anywhere.

Anyway, after this, the doctor is killed by a mysterious killer wearing black leather racing gear.

The opening music is super cool - a mix of the Super Fly soundtrack with your standard swingin' giallo sugar.

What an entrance!  Lucia (Femi Benussi), an aspiring model, walks along the pool as male spectators ogle in awe.

Femi Benussi was in films from the mid-sixties all the way until the early eighties, including Hatched for the Honeymoon, The Italian Connection, and So Sweet So Dead.

Lucia is experiencing some heavy flirtation from the pervy photographer, Carlo (Nino Castelnuovo).  She won't give him the time of day, until he reveals he's big in the business and can get her a modelling job.

Carlo convinces Lucia to go to the sauna.

The sly dog then talks her out of her clothes for a "photo shoot".

The camera doesn't work, but the two have sex anyway.  Hey, it was the seventies.  What else are they going to do?

Patrizia (Solvi Stubing) is a model at Albatross Modelling Agency where Carlo works.  She's being photographed by Mario (Claudio Pellegrini).

Maurizio (Franco Diogene) wants to get into Patrizia's pants, but she won't go for the fat slob... even though his wife, Gisella (Lia Amanda) owns Albatross.

Carlo's fellow photographer at Albatross is Magda (Edwige Fenech).  The two are having a secret affair.

I know it's a lot of names already, and we still haven't met everyone.  Such is the Italian giallo - always a hot mess to follow.  But maybe this will help...

It's a photograph presented to Mario featuring all the major players in the film.

From left: Magda (photographer), Mario (photographer), Doris (model), Stefano (model). Gisella (the owner), Maurizio (her husband) and Carlo.

But who presented this picture to Mario?  It's the mysterious killer in racing leather, who Mario apparently knows very well  - and who proceeds to straight-up murder Mario's ass.

The police arrive at Gisella's office to discuss the murder of her photographer.

Gisella isn't very cooperative.

Lucia is also present, and gives one of the detectives an upskirt.  The camera literally zooms in on her panties.

We see a lot more than Lucia's panties in the next scene.  Here, we find that Lucia and Gisella are lovers.  (Clearly Lucia is busy trying to work her way to the top.)

Gisella tells Lucia that if she sees Carlo one more time her career is finished.

Do you think you own me, or what?  I want to be a fashion model. Not a kept woman or a slave.

Gisella leaves in a huff, leaving Lucia alone in the house....

Lucia hears a suspicious noise and investigates... in the nude.  This has to be one of the longest full frontal nude scenes ever.

Lucia checks every nook and cranny in the house, and I was glued to the screen for every inspection.  She could have spent the rest of the movie looking in every closet and drawer and I would have been happy.

But all good things come to an end.  Lucia is killed by the person in leather racing gear.

Later, we find the pathetic Maurizio begging to have sex with Doris (Erna Schurer).

Erna Schürer
You may remember Miss Erna Schürer as the lead in The Doll of Satan.  She was in a lot of good stuff in the seventies, and I'm sure we'll cover many more of her films.

Doris refuses to have sex with Maurizio, but then he starts to rape her and threaten to kill her.  The pathetic slob ejaculates prematurely, and Doris leaves (overly forgiving of Maurizio IMHO).

Maurizio is subsequently murdered by the race-car driver.

Meanwhile, in between her gratuitous nude scenes, Magda is single-handedly getting closer to finding the identity of the killer.

In a pretty effective scene, we find Doris alone watching television, when a man walks up behind her.

It's Stefano, the one guy in the photograph that we haven't really met yet.  It turns out he's an abusive asshole, and we suspect he's the masked killer.

But he's not.  Both Doris and Stefano end up dead at the hands of the killer in racing gear.

The police show up at the crime scene.  Both Carlo and Magda pursue the real killer, and finally unmask him/her.  I won't spoil the reveal, but I think it shouldn't be hard to guess considering every single other main character is dead.

Well, the title is accurate - pretty much every victim does strip nude for the killer.  Sadly, the reveal was a bit "meh".  I don't know why - I always expect giallos to be like mysteries, where you can deductively piece together clues and arrive at the prime suspect.  But that's never the case.  Giallos are just all over the fucking place, nothing adds up, and are just a chaotic, convoluted mess punctuated by pretty ladies in little to no clothing getting killed.

But the style, the vibe, the mojo for many giallos is just so contagiously groovy, you can't help but say "fuck it" and enjoy the wild ride, not matter how batshit nonsensical it all is.


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