Mar 7, 2018

Poker in Bed (1974)

Poker in Bed (AKA La signora gioca bene a scopa?) -  A poker player on a losing streak meets up with an uninhibited German played by Edwige Fenech.  Will his luck turn around?

Michele Cammagliulo (Carlo Giuffrè) is a shoe salesman who's up to his eyeballs in debt.

To make ends meet, he's forced to demean himself; posing as a nude model for the entertainment of a rich lady named Giulia (Franca Valeri).

Michele has truly sunk to the bottom of the barrel.

Worse still, Michele has to demean himself to another lady named Monica (Didi Perego).  Both Monica and Giulia live in a mansion where Michele has an apartment (and is desperately trying to gigolo his way out of paying rent).

So, let's take stock: Michele is on a losing streak at poker, his shoe store is in debt, he owes gambling debts, and is forced to satisfy Monica and Giulia to avoid paying rent.  Can things get any worse?

Ah, but things are about to get better...

Finally, about thirty minutes into the movie, we meet Edwige Fenech's character, and things start getting interesting.

Fenech plays Eva, an eccentric, uninhibited German who's also staying at the estate.  (The only copy I have is dubbed, so I don't know how well Fenech delivers the German accent.)

In a memorable scene, Michele enters Eva's room bringing tea, and encounters this sight.

Like I said, Eva is uninhibited.  She's also wildly over-the-top eccentric, and a rabid macrobiotic dieter.

The comedy comes from German Eva mispronouncing Italian words, which often leads Michele to think she's coming on to him when she's not.  A lot of this comedy is, as you'd expect, lost in the dubbed version.

Eva has had about enough of this pervert and kicks him out of her room.  (Poor Michele keeps misinterpreting her meaning, thanks to the language barrier.)

Eva is actually married... to this author who does nothing but type.  He's got no time to satisfy his beautiful, sex hungry wife.

Eva calls on Michele to come and fix the shower; it won't run water - it only drips.  She's, of course, completely nude, so makes Michele close his eyes to fix it.

Sure, it would have made more sense for Eva to get dressed and allow Michele to fix the shower with his eyes open.  But then we wouldn't have the comedy and the boobs - and those are two things we really need.

Michele manages to fix it, and when the water starts coming down, he quickly realizes that Eva gets super turned-on when she's wet.  Note to self: get Eva wet.

The two fall in love, but Eva can't marry somebody that's poor.  She's used to the finer things in life.

In the end, Michele finds out that Eva was a scam artist.  The exhaustion from pleasuring three ladies and the stress of his debt gets the better of him, and he collapses from a heart attack.  Cut to a funeral scene and we presume it's Michele being laid to rest.

But Michele is very much alive - back to working for his two sugar mommas, Monica and Giulia.   THE END

Poker in Bed is your standard Italian sex comedy - full of silliness, boobs, followed by more silliness and boobs. And that's a recipe for comedy gold in my book.  Unfortunately, a lot is lost in translation - so the humor is severely handicapped in the dubbed version.  Also, it would have been nice if Fenech had delivered the frequent full frontal as she did in La Pretora two years later.  But we can't have it all - and this is more than enough to keep fans of Italian sex comedies satisfied.


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