Mar 30, 2018

Matinee Idol (1984)

David F. Friedman tried to stay away from hardcore fare, and stuck with fun sexploitation stuff throughout the sixties and seventies.  But on four occasions he went all the way - this is one of those cases.

Jesie St. James as Linda Hand
They're filming an expensive porno, a "sextravaganza" as they call it; but there's a problem on the set. The stars, Linda Hand (Jesie St. James) and Lance Hardy (John Leslie) don't get along. So, much so that Linda bites Lance's dick during the BJ scene.

A cool shot showing the set

During the opening credits we get a nice view of the Grauman's Chinese Theater showing Indiana Jones

Cox and Kuntz
Producers Harvey Cox (Elmo Lavino) and Bernard Kuntz (David F. Friedman) are in a panic.  What are they going to do now that their headliners can't work together?

Linda invites a pool boy in (and you know where that leads).

His name is Bud Cochran (Herschel Savage), and after Linda has sex with him, she's convinced he could be a big star.... Lance's replacement even.

Meanwhile, Kuntz and Cox are desperately looking for a replacement for Linda.  None seem a worthy substitute.

 After going through a number of auditions, they finally find their girl... Daisy Cheney (Angel).

Kuntz likes the cut of her jib
Later, Lance screws the producers' secretary, Dorothy (Kay Parker) right in their office.  I love his Screw magazine jacket.

Dorothy: Mr. Hardy... you spilled cum on Mr. Cox's desk.
Lance: Ah, that's too bad.  Why don't you put some on Kuntz' desk too.
It's Daisy's first time on a porno set, and she's nervous.

After a rocky start, Daisy proves to be a natural.  Her performance considered is even better than Linda could do.

Linda brings Kuntz a cast of Bud Cochran's cock, and convinces the producer to put her pool boy in the movie.

On the set, Bud and Linda are introduced to the new starlet, Daisy.


Bud and Daisy nail it, delivering one helluva steamy hardcore sex scene.

Meanwhile, Lance is meeting with a publisher and his wife Doris Michaels (Laurie Smith).  They're trying to get him to write a book.

Back at the Michaels' place, Doris comes on strong to Lance.  Then she slips into something more comfortable....

Ta-da. Lance is actually disturbed by this whole turn of events and bolts out of the room.

Cox and Kuntz try to convince Lance to have one last sex scene with Linda to complete this film.  The producers reveal that after the film's completion, they plan to drop Linda and replace her with Daisy.
Cox: Linda's too old.  She's over the hill.
Lance: I think you're crazy.  Linda Hand past her prime? She's the best. She can still raise every cock from here to the east coast... including a couple old men that I know. 

Lance and Linda agree to perform together... and the two end up finding affection for one another in the process.

The movie finally premiers and is a huge hit.

Daisy and Bud get married, all four quit the porn industry and live happily ever after.

The film ends with Kuntz and Cox wondering who will be their next big star, then turning to the camera and asking the audience - maybe it can be you?

David F. Friedman manages to bring a sense of fun to the picture; plus, it's interesting to get a look at the industry back in the eighties.  There's genuine humor to be found, and dare I say quality acting?  I thought John Leslie delivered a damn good performance. Sure, it's just an adult film, but you have to appreciate whenever there's an attempt to elevate it beyond just "the old in and out".


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