Mar 23, 2018

King Frat (1979)

It's an Animal House rip-off that definitely has a tasteless, lowbrow charm all its own.

The movie begins with the Pi Kaps patrolling the college town of Yellowstream University, mooning people from their Hearse.

The fun title song is by Penny Alemian, who apparently only recorded this one song.

Detail from the Italian King Frat poster (AKA  I paraculissimi)

Of course, there's the rival straight-laced fraternity and the asshole Dean on their side.

The Pi Kappa Delta frat house; every bit as rowdy and raunchy as the infamous Faber College Delta Tau Chi's.

John DiSanti plays J.J. 'Gross-Out' Gumbroski

Naturally, you have to have your requisite stuck-up sorority girls: Betty (Rahnee Reiland) and Bobby (Sally Ricca)

The Pi Kaps are enjoying a home movie of Betty and Bobby in the locker room.  (Isn't that highly illegal?.... Oh, right.  It's the seventies.)

We get a look at actress Rahnee Reiland's boobs.  This is her only film credit.

 J.J. 'Gross-Out' Gumbroski isn't perhaps as funny as Belushi's Bluto, but he's ten times as disgusting.  Just watching him cook for the frat house is stomach turning.

The lads learn of a fart contest, where the winner gets five hundred dollars.

Young and innocent Tommy (Roy Sekoff) is the new Pi Kap pledge.

Nancy (Taryn Hagey) and the virginal Joan (Suzina Volpina) are two girls actually willing to hang around with these perverted slobs.

It's the big event: The First Annual Fart Contest

The audience looks exactly like you'd expect for a fart contest.

One of the contestants is a beautiful woman identified as Miss Baked Beans 1979 (actress Starr Dey in her only film credit).

Imagine if your only film credit was hiking up your dress and farting into a microphone.  Bravo, Starr Dey.

The farts are registered on a Fartometer.  (This is such a classy movie.)

"Gumbroski Draws Mud"
But Gross Out Gumbroski loses the contest when he shits himself trying to squeeze one out.

No worries.  The Pi Kaps are used to losing.  They throw a big party anyway.

The house band is I-don't-know-who singing a shitty song called "Crossroads";  the Animal House party music was better, I have to say.

Tommy and Frank (still in his gorilla costume from the party) decide to spy on the sorority house.  First, they watch Bobby and Betty

The next window is sorority sister, Babette (Teri Kelso).

(Actress Teri Kelso provides a good deal of T&A in her only film credit.)  When she catches sight of the "gorilla" outside her window, she screams - causing Frank to fall off the tree limb.

From Left: Babette, Joan, Tommy, Frank (on ground), Bobby and Betty (providing upskirt)
 The girls inspect to see if Frank is alive and call an ambulance.

Babette feels horribly responsible for causing his injury.  (Yeah, it's her fault this guy was watching through her window while she undressed!)

On the ambulance ride to the hospital, the two start screwing.

Like I said, actress Teri Kelso's entire time on screen is spent topless.  Bravo.

The ambulance door opens to a crowd of shocked observers.

The doctor discovers that the girl and the gorilla are stuck.

To save Babette from public humiliation, they put a bag over her head as they wheel the stretcher through the emergency room.

Wow.  Just take a look at this scene.  A topless girl with a bag over her head is stuck to a frat boy in a gorilla suit.  This is why this movie is good.

The doctor and nurse try to pull Babette and Frank apart.

We get more boob close-ups as the doc heaves with Babette back-and-forth.

This just has to be seen to be believed.

Tommy has been getting serious with Joan.  One problem - she won't put out, and he's a virgin.

To fix the virginity problem, Frank and Gross-Out take Tommy to a "massage parlor".

 Gross-Out wants Tommy to pick the girl on the left (not credited in IMDb, but I'm impressed).  Instead, Tommy is lined up with the best-of-the-best, a mystery woman named "Monica".

The massage begins.  Who is this "Monica" girl, anyway?  I bet you can guess.

It's none other than Joan!

The final scenes feature an epic battle between the Alphas and the Pi Kaps.

And, yes, that epic battle does involve Gross-Out's farts being used as weapons.

This is just a fun damn movie.  Unlike so many of the Animal House clones, this one doesn't pull any punches.  Rather than just ride the Animal House gravy train, King Frat delivers tons of over-the-top gross-out fraternity shenanigans and T&A.  Unlike Revenge of the Nerds, there's basically no plot here whatsoever.  But that's okay, you don't watch King Frat for the plot.

I would have liked the characters to be a bit more original and memorable, but when you have fart contests, fart flamethrowers, and a guy in a gorilla suit with his penis stuck in a topless girl with a bag over her head, I feel guilty for even asking for anything more.


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  1. I believe this was shot under the title "King Frapkis," then it was changed to "King Fucking Frat," and then finally to plain old King Frat! Ha ha!