Mar 24, 2018

Bedside Dentist (1971)

"When he fills a cavity, it feels marvelous!" 

Original Title: Tandlæge på sengekanten.  AKA  Dentista erótico (Spain) and Danish Dentist on the Job (UK)

Ole Søltoft always played the dimwitted and naive clown; he was always likable and never too over-the-top.  This time, he's a hapless dental school student named Thomas who's just learned he's inherited a fortune from a distant relative, Tante Benedikte Swane-Hansen (Annie Birgit Garde).

Thomas goes to school with Nina (Birte Tove).  A couple years later these two would star in Between the Sheets (1973) except the roles are reversed where Birte Tove's character inherits the fortune.

The dental students are a randy group.  But it was 1970s Scandinavia - what do you expect?

Thomas' perpetually horny (and annoying) friend Michael (Søren Strømberg) confuses Thomas with an acronym "FF".  Nina immediately knows its meaning.

Thomas and Michael get into one of they're usual fights.

Birte Tove was a stone cold fox.  She was in a number of these Danish sex romps in the seventies.  She dropped out of sight during the eighties, to reappear in the TV series The Kingdom in the nineties.

Birte Tove

No matter how stupid Thomas is, Ms. Swane-Hansen will ensure the dental school will be richly rewarded if they will allow him to stay.  So, the dental school will tolerate his shenanigans. 

Poor Thomas.  Nina thinks of him as just a friend... to the point of getting changed right there in the room with him.  

In fact, Thomas is such a naive buffoon, Ms. Swane-Hansen is concerned that he may not be a "real man" and be able to carry on the lineage.

So, Ms. Swane-Hansen and Professor Andreas Henningsen (Carl Ottosen) begin to make the rounds at the various "adult entertainment" establishments to find a female for Thomas.  First, they stop at a porno shop. Professor Hennigsen has done dental work for the lady who runs the place and examines her bridge.

The lady that works at the porno shop is named Ingalis Madsen, but her character isn't listed in the IMDb credits.  I'm curious who this actress is.

Next, Ms. Swane-Hansen and Professor Henningsen pay a visit to the local massage parlor.

Ms. Swane-Hansen reveals her motive to the massage parlor host - "I just want to know if the young man is normal."

The girl on the phone, Lisa (Lise-Lotte Norup), is recommended as the one who can do the job.

Lisa is sent to Thomas' room at the dental school.

He, of course, doesn't realize she's a prostitute. Professor Henningsen is hiding on the balcony to see if Thomas has what it takes.

But before Thomas can prove himself a man, all hell breaks loose.  Nina comes in, then Michael, then a naked woman he's been shagging (actress Jette Weibel as Marianne) running from her irate husband Otto.

As Otto tracks his woman down, Michael and Prof. Henningsen jump off the balcony, holding on to the rail.  

After the smoke clears, Michael talks with Henningsen and learns of Thomas' potential inheritance.

Don't you wish dentists wore uniforms like this these days?
In the next scene (probably the film's funniest part), Thomas is to the test subject for Nina to work on.

They give Thomas some nitrous oxide while they perform the work.

But apparently it's too much of the gas.  Thomas starts to behave strangely... then loses his damn mind...

Ha!  Read that subtitle.  This is hilarious.

The movie's funniest moment was the inspiration for the Spanish movie poster:

Michael convinces Thomas to loan him some of his newfound wealth to invest in a new business venture - painted tights.

Michael convinces his girlfriend Lisbeth (Susanne Jagd) to model the tights... and then with no tights.  The artist's comment above refers to his request for Lisbeth to shave her bush.

Nina also agrees to model the tights.

The painted tights served as the inspiration for this poster.

Thomas presents his painted tights business to Ms. Swane-Hansen.

She wants to try them on, and asks Thomas to unzip her.  What do you think will happen next?

Of course, Thomas accidentally yanks off her dress.

Actress Annie Birgit Garde is quite the hottie.  She would have been 38 in this film.

We see an ever-so-distant boob as Ms. Swane-Hansen answers the intercom at her desk.

I don't know the actress providing the upskirt, but I'm highly appreciative
Naturally, it all ends well.  There's a big party and Thomas gets his fortune.

Marianne provides a table dance then is covered in fruit.

It's the last five minutes of the movie, and we FINALLY see Birte Tove naked.  Thomas storms in on her shower.

She slaps the shit out of him.

Given that we had to wait an hour and a half to see Nina's boobs, we might as well enjoy every frame.

Michael discovers Lisbeth with someone under her covers.  When he pulls back the comforter, he sees it's another woman.  A threesome awaits - the perfect happy ending for Michael.

A package of Thomas' "Athomic" tights which are a big success.

Ms. Swane-Hansen and Professor Henningsen end up falling in love and living happily ever.

Thomas and Nina have a roll in the hay.

It ends with Nina modeling the Athomic tights on the balcony, and Thomas comes to give her some more loving from behind.  As the camera pans out, we see the entire dental school dorm is doing the exact same.  Ah, Scandinavia in the seventies. THE END

Bedside Dentist is a fun movie, with some amazingly hot ladies, Birte Tove in particular.  The nudity wasn't at the level you'd expect from a 1970's Danish sexploitation film, but rollicking good time nonetheless.


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