Mar 24, 2018

A Matter of Cunning (1983)

Tagline: "This corporate girl will do anything to get to the top."

This TV movie has intrigued me for a while for one simple reason: it's a TV movie infamous for featuring tons of full frontal nudity.  This may be a thing in Canada, but in the US in the 1980s, this damn sure wasn't (and really still isn't - we're not talking HBO here, we're talking network television movie-of-the week).

So, while the plot sounds rather lame, it nevertheless needs to be seen. So, let's have a look.

The big boss, Ted (Vlasta Vrana), is singing the praises of his new hire, Dianna (Callan White).  She's single-handedly made the company highly profitable this quarter.

Dianna heads home after a long day's work.  At her upscale apartment is Brian (Page Fletcher) and his nude model, Meagan (Nancy Cser).

So, yeah.  We're five minutes into this TV movie and we have an actress butt naked on a couch.

Actress Nancy Cser starred in Rin Tin Tin: K-9 Cop (TV Series) and a bunch of other television fare throughout the nineties.

Brian is worried that Dianna is taking her job too seriously, and that he's losing her to a highly paid executives.  Throughout the fight, Dianna is showering behind a totally transparent curtain.

Dianna leaves to attend an informal meeting where she meets a dude named Eric Porter.  He's a guy high enough up the corporate ladder that he can make things happen for her.

Dianna returns home to her horny artist boyfriend.

The two curl up to admire Brian's works which he'll be displaying at a gallery soon.  Will Dianna's high-class executive job get in the way of their relationship?  I guess we'll have to see.

Are you getting the feeling this is basically a soap opera with boobs & bush?  I'm certainly getting that vibe.

Dianna has lunch with Eric Porter.  Her business acumen impresses the shit out of Eric.  He sees great things from this up-and-comer.

BTW you'll note the shit picture quality.  This was filmed on that soap opera type film.  A Matter of Cunning is very similar to the very first movie reviewed on VZ1 - Dr. Yes: The Hyannis Affair - another Canadian TV movie (starring Britt Ekland) and also featuring tons of nudity.  What was the deal with Canadian television in '83?  I'd really like to know.

Actress Callan White played in a variety of small parts throughout the nineties (very little in the eighties).  She was a mourner on Murphy Brown, a Lamaze instructor on The Bold and the Beautiful, and even a Krite on an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation ("The Outcast" 1992).

Here she is on STTNG as a Krite, whatever the hell that is.

And here she is having sex with Eric.  Anything to get ahead.  It's a dog eat dog world.

The company VP, Anita (Lynn Cormack), doesn't trust Dianna, but Ted is too stupid an naive to imagine there are knives already in his back.

This scene is hilarious.  Dianne pitches the new video game system and impresses everyone in the room.  It will be a "universal adapter", where other companies can make games, but they'll have to use their adapter.  (Wasn't that Atari's downfall?)

Dianna sabotaged Ted in the meeting, making him look like a fool.  So, he gets fired and the head honcho, John Markham (John Ireland), promotes her.

Ted confronts Dianna - he knows about her treachery.

And literally grabs her by the pussy!  Insane!

Dianna pays a thank-you visit to Eric.

Anita and Dianna battle it out; Anita knows what she did to poor Ted.

Anita is played by Lynne Cormack.  This is her first role, and she would continue to act throughout the eighties, nineties, through 2016.  She appeared in everything from Goosebumps to Dead Ringers.

A nice way for Anita to get back at Dianna might be to steal her man, Brian.  She flirts with the emotional painter at a dinner party.

Anita and Brian screw.  Actress Lynne Cormack delivers the FFN in a pretty realistic sex scene.

You know Dianna is a high-level executive by the awesome computer she has.

Dianna arrives home to celebrate and share a glass of wine with Brian... when she stumbles upon this sex scene -

Brian is getting it on with Meagan. Actress Nancy Cser literally has no wardrobe this whole movie.  She is buck naked in both her scenes. I'm guessing her role in Rin Tin Tin: K-9 Cop required more of a wardrobe.

In the end, John Markham dies, and Dianna "cunningly" uses the opportunity to her advantage.  She takes over the company - leaving Eric and Anita as her subordinates.

The end credits have Dianna hugging another influential executive, no doubt sleeping with him to achieve even further gains.  The credits are hilarious - they actually announce who provided the leather and suede, office furniture supplies, and rugs....

Is it really necessary to know who provided the rugs?

Whatever.  Without the incessant nudity, this would be the most forgettable Canadian movie-of-the-week of all time... and that's really forgettable.

In addition to the credits for rugs, office furniture and suede goods, they should also have listed: "breasts and bush provided by Callan White, Lynne Cormack and Nancy Cser", because without those supplies, there's no reason to watch this movie.

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