Dec 31, 2017

Enter the Devil (1974)

Another Exorcist ripoff, this one from Italy, featuring a possessed hottie, a creepy-as-hell life-size crucifix, and green vomit.

The film was also called The Eerie Midnight Horror Show, which I think is a much better title.  However, the Exorcist thing was all the rage, so I understand why Enter the Devil might've helped ride that gravy train better.

Meet Danila (Stella Carnacina), a pretty young art student

She's part of a project where they have uncovered a creepy crucifix from the fifteenth century.

Danila is impressed by the mastery of the sculpture - it almost seems alive.

Luisa (Lucretia Love) and her lover (Gabriele Tinti)
Danila takes a break from her art to attend a party with her parents.  Her mother, Luisa, is a total lush and openly flirts with a studly partygoer (played by Gabriele Tinti - husband of Laura Gemser).

Luisa and her lover head to a bedroom, where she's sprinkled with rose petals... and then beaten by the thorny stems.  Apparently, Luisa likes it rough.

Unfortunately, Danila witnesses the sordid affair, and is traumatized.

Away from her slutty mother, Danila takes solace in her art. 

But behind her, the wooden sculpture comes to life.

The demonic statue is now in the form of a man (actor Ivan Rassimov)  - listed as "Satan" in the IMDb credits.

Satan rips off Danila's dress.

Danila and the devil consummate their relationship.

Danila's parents, Luisa and Mario, come home to find Danila writking around on her bed like an animal.  She's clearly possessed - but Mario calls a doctor who says it was just a "momentary aberration".

Danila's parents' car has a flat tire  While Mario and her boyfriend change the tire, Danila wanders into an ancient ruin...

Deep within the dark recesses of the ruin, they are performing a satanic ritual.

Her wooden sculpture/Satan is here laughing maniacally.

The witches (?) beckon her and pull her under their spell.  Danila once again has sex with Satan.

Mario finds his daughter spazzing out in her bed, and has her committed to a convent to undergo an exorcism.

Danila is in full Linda Blair mode.

Father Xeno (Luigi Pistilli) performs the exorcism. Danila, under the control of Satan, tries to seduce him, but he remains strong.

In the end, Father Xeno is able to exorcise the demon (after Danila vomits up an unholy amount of green goo).  THE END

Ultimately, this is a pretty forgettable Exorcist ripoff.  It had a lot of the same tropes, but none of the scares and haunting nightmare-fuel that The Exorcist provided.  From the same year in Germany came Magdalena Possessed by the Devil, which was equally stupid, but at least compensated by delivering on the sleaze. The crucifix-come-to-life was easily the film's shining moment - but aside from that, fairly unremarkable.