Jun 9, 2016

Tutti Frutti - Part 3


Tutti Frutti was a German game show based on the Italian show Colpo Grosso.  Please see the Tutti Frutti main page for detailed information on the game show's background, how to play, the various host and hostesses, Cin Cin girls, and a list of episodes covered on VZ1.   It's such a fun and interesting show that it deserves a closer look. 

Let's take a look at three more episodes from Season One...


Season 1 - 05/13/1990

Hugo greets the contestants Sabina and Klaus 

Yasmine Capelli (grapes) and Stella Kobs (lemon) are chosen to see if they have the silver or gold star. They do not.

Hugo does the usual lame shtick with Tiziana D'Arcangelo

The Flag Girls - aka Eurogirls - arrive

It's time for contestant Sabina to do some stripping for points

Refer to the rules on the Tutti Frutti main page for why this gets you 40K

Sabina is given a robe by Stefano, who I've said many times had the greatest job in the history of jobs.

The "spotlight" segmen - some gal on a sailboat

Hugo does the world's worst cover of "Woman" by John Lennon 

Monique Sluyter turns the cards in the Card Sharks segment

A couple Cin Cin girls are chosen for the slot machine segment

Nadia Visintainer (pineapple) and Natacha Velimirovic (kiwi)

Yasmine Capelli (grapes)

Oh hell yes.  Here she is again, the one and only Olinka Rebecca Koster (aka Maria La O) 

Game over - Sabina gets the most Länderpunkt and wins

Olinka makes a silly face as she waves goodbye

Tiziana D'ArcangeloNora Wenck and Monique Sluyter dance as the curtain closes on another episode.


Season 1 - 06/10/1990

Hugo greets contestants Cornelia and Gerd

Cornelia seems real awkward.  But you haven't seen anything yet.

The usual playful banter with Tiziana D'Arcangelo

Angelique Rinkel (tangerine) and Alma Lo Moro (blueberry) are selected to see if they've got the gold or silver star.

The Flag Girls (aka Eurogirls) arrive

Hugo does a particularly bad cover of "Daniel" by Elton John

Time for the slot machine segment, and you know what that means.

Time for Cornelia to strip.  She looks like she is absolutely hating this.

Cornelia does not smile once.  I am sure she is paralyzed with regret

Give me my 40K and get me the hell out of here.

Yasmine Capelli (grapes) gives us a look...

As do the rest of the Cin Cin girls before commercial break

Angelique front and center

More playful banter with Nora Wenck before the next contest

The Eurogirls again

The show is about over; the Eurogirls wave goodbye.

Cornelia is actually the winner.  Thank god - can you imagine her going through this hell to lose?

Hugo and Alma Lo Moro (blueberry) say Auf Wiedersehen


Season 1 - 06/24/1990

Hugo greets our contestants Editha and Bodo

Hugo reads from The Hound of Baskervilles with Tiziana D'Arcangelo

While he reads the scene actually plays out with Tiziana being attacked

She's knocked out and has to be revived - with Tiziana D'Arcangelo providing quite the cleave shot.

The Eurogirls arrive

Hugo does a painful rendition of "With a Little Help from My Friends" by The Beatles

Nicci Foley (strawberry) and Yasmine Capelli (grapes) are selected to see if they have the star

Hey - look who's back.  Olinka Rebecca Koster (aka Maria La O) returns as the pineapple.

Stella Kobs (lemon) is also chosen for the slot machine round

Well it's about time contestant Editha gets on stage

As with all contestants, Editha is a bit awkward - but nowhere near as bad as some - Cornelia comes instantly to mind.

And later, she finishes what she started

Stella Kobs (lemon) and Alma Lo Moro (blueberry)

Natacha Velimirovic (kiwi)

The Eurogirls wave goodbye as the show closes.  Editha wins the most Länderpunkt.

Hugo and Olinka say farewell until next time.

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