Dec 10, 2016

Co-Ed Confidential - The Truth Will Out - S02E07 (2008)


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The Season Two Main Cast:

James (Kevin Patrick) "the player"

Ophelia (Hannah Harper) "the hottie"

Cooper (Adam Trahan) "the romantic"

Karen (Michelle Maylene) "the party girl"

Royce (Eric Aston)

Emmanuelle (Olivia May) 'the exchange student"

Larry (Bradley Joseph) "the nerd"

Season 2, Episode 7 - "The Truth Will Out"

Ophelia tries to deny she loves James, but she keeps having erotic dreams about him.

Royce has been missing, so Ophelia and James ask Officer Cane (Nikki Fairchild) to look for him.

Cane checks the strip club

She finds that Royce has indeed been here

In fact, Cane finds that Royce has been basically living in the Champagne Room.

Officer Cane takes Royce to the station

Royce and Cane end up having sex

Ophelia goes to the police station and catches Royce in the act.  She's officially done with him.

James and Ophelia are finally back togetehr

Remember Guillermo?  In the previous season w e found that Karen had to marry him so he wouldn't be deported. Guillermo ended up going off with Karen's stepmother - Larry's mother.

We get a brief flashback sex scene between Guillermo and Karen's stepmother (Sydnee Steele)

But things take an unexpected turn when Guillermo reveals he went to France.... and Emmanuelle can't seem to name a single place in the country.

Is Emmanuelle really from France?  As we'll learn - she is not.  I'm actually really happy to hear this, because I love Olivia May (ever since seeing 18 Year Old Virgin) and thought it was a bummer she was using this really awful fake French accent.  Turns out, the accent was supposed to be fake and awful!

Still oblivious to Emmanuelle's deceit, Karen has sex with her.

Karen gets turned on by her French accent and wants her to say things in French... which she cannot.  This should be a red flag, but Karen is still oblivious.

But Cooper is onto her scam and confronts Emmanuelle. 

Emmanuelle shows Cooper her photos, explaining that she was able to afford college by faking being a foreign exchange student.

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