Dec 10, 2016

Co-Ed Confidential - The Hunt Is On - S02E04 (2008)


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The Season Two Main Cast:

James (Kevin Patrick) "the player"

Ophelia (Hannah Harper) "the hottie"

Cooper (Adam Trahan) "the romantic"

Karen (Michelle Maylene) "the party girl"

Royce (Eric Aston)

Emmanuelle (Olivia May) 'the exchange student"

Larry (Bradley Joseph) "the nerd"

Season 2, Episode 4 - "The Hunt Is On"

Karen and Emmanuelle are still exploring their lesbian inclinations

Quite a view from Olivia May

Cooper walks in on them

The girls try to play it off

Karen assembles everyone in the living room.  The radio is offering tickets to a Minx concert to anyone who can complete a scavenger hunt.

Karen explains that the two items they'll need are a double D bra and a picture of an authority figure in a compromising position.

Karen tries to enlist the help of Larry and Ciara (Leigh Livingston); however, there's too much bad blood between stepbrother and stepsister.  Instead they each form competing teams.

The double D bra will come from Carol O'Gresty (Phoenix Marie) a cheerleader who's practicing with Sharon (Maxine Taylor).

Carol and Sharon hit the showers

Sharon starts to get curious about Carol's big boobs

Sharon asks if she can touch them

Cooper has been tasked with stealing Carol's bra for the scavenger hunt.  He can't believe what he's stumbled upon.

The ladies notice Cooper watching

They run after him. Carol discovers her bra is missing and realizes it's due to the scavenger hunt announced on the radio.

Royce is still cheating on Ophelia with the blonde (Tanya James)

Royce hears Ophelia coming and again (as in the last episode) makes up some bullshit lie to get the blonde to make a discrete getaway.

The blonde doesn't understand why they would need to hide from the landlord if Royce owns the place.  His weak lies are starting to fall apart.

Ophelia arrives and is oblivious to Royce's infidelity.

Professor Slatford (Angela Nicholas)

Slatford has sex with one of her students

Royce and Ophelia are here to get the second item on the scavenger hunt: a picture of an authority figure in a compromising position.

Ophelia and Royce get randy watching the professor and have sex standing in the doorway.

Emmanuelle, Karen and Cooper inspect their scavenger hunt item.

Larry lets them know that he's got an item as well.  

They decide to put aside their difference and combine their scavenger hunt loot.

James dresses like a bellboy to get access to Minx (Kaylani Lei)

James and Minx have sex

The gang hears on the car radio that they're too late.  The scavenger hunt is over.

They return dejected

James reveals that he has Minx tickets after all.  Minx gave them to him for his work in the bed.  A happy ending. 

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