Dec 10, 2016

Co-Ed Confidential - Forget to Remember - S02E10 (2008)


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The Season Two Main Cast:

James (Kevin Patrick) "the player"

Ophelia (Hannah Harper) "the hottie"

Cooper (Adam Trahan) "the romantic"

Karen (Michelle Maylene) "the party girl"

Royce (Eric Aston)

Emmanuelle (Olivia May) 'the exchange student"

Larry (Bradley Joseph) "the nerd"

Season 2, Episode 10 - "Forget to Remember"

Larry is making a film "noir" with Sophie (Daisy Marie)

The scene involves Sophie being naked and covering herself with cash

But they have to stop the scene...

Ciara (Leigh Livingston) is just not down with this production.  Plus, Larry is being an egomaniac prick.  So, Ciara leaves.

Larry realizes he fucked up.  He tells Sophie adios and goes after Ciara.

But when he finds her, she's with another guy.

So, Larry watches the movie they made together, remembering the good times.

Larry watches the footage from when Ciara got naked for the role because Sophie quit the film for something better.

James and Ophelia are banging the hell out of each other.

Copper, Kiara and Emily watch the plaster from the ceiling fall.  

Emily invites them to house sit - to get away from Ophelia and James' constant banging.

Karen and Cooper have sex by the fire

Just surprising.  I know most of the actresses were no strangers to explicit content.  What's surprising is that Cinemax got away with this - repeatedly.

Emily and Guillermo have sex in the other room

After sex Emily is sad to learn that Guillermo is leaving in two weeks.

A sad drive back home.


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