Jun 9, 2016

Tutti Frutti - Part 2


Tutti Frutti was a German game show based on the Italian show Colpo Grosso.  Please see the Tutti Frutti main page for detailed information on the game show's background, how to play, the various host and hostesses, Cin Cin girls, and a list of episodes covered on VZ1.   It's such a fun and interesting show that it deserves a closer look. 

Let's walk through three more episodes from season one:


Season 1 - 04/08/1990

Nora Wenck our hostess introduces the show

Hugo greets the contestants Pierre and Erika

Yasmine Capelli (grapes) and Nicci Foley (strawberry) are chosen, but neither one has the silver or gold star.

The Eurogirls arrive

It's Olinka Rebecca Koster (aka Maria La O) again.  She was featured in a lot of these early episodes, before renouncing the show and scrubbing her name from involvement.

Hugo and Tiziana D'Arcangelo continue to do their shtick which is already getting tired.

Hugo leads everyone in singing "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" by the Beatles

A fairly new addition to the show - the "Spotlight" which are themed segments where a model strips.  this one has a witchy crystal ball theme.

Back to the show for a round of Card Sharks

Slot machine time - and that means the Cin Cin girls get topless

Yasmine Capelli (grapes) and Stella Kobs (lemon)

Okay, now it's time for Erika to strip.  

Erika is certainly the oldest female contestant yet, but she still looks good.

One more game and it's time to take the earnings to score a Länderpunkt

Okay, show's over.  Time for the Eurogirls to process out.

A wave goodbye from Olinka.  For all the shame and bad blood, it certainly looked like she was having a great time.

Hugo and Natasha say Auf Wiedersehen


Season 1 - 04/15/1990

Hugo greets today's contestants Simone and Mario

Stella Kobs (lemon) and Marta (pineapple) are selected, and neither has the gold or silver star.  Note that Marta is a replacement pineapple. We previously had both Nadia Visintainer and Olinka Rebecca Koster as pineapples - while the other fruit has stayed the same.  The pineapple is become the drummer from Spinal Tap.

the Eurogirls have arrived

Stefano Celoria the "Wardrobe Supervisor" helps as always with the disrobing. Stefano truly had the greatest job in the world.

Hugo croons "Hello Dolly"

Natacha Velimirovic (kiwi) and Angelique Rinkel (tangerine) dance their hearts out as we head to the slot machine round.

Natacha Velimirovic is chosen.  Come on kiwi!

At last it's time for lovely Simone to get on stage and disrobe.

Stefano is ready with a robe when Simone returns to the poker table.

Hugo does his usual bit with Tiziana D'Arcangelo

Simone has the most Länderpunkt and wins

The Eurogirls say good bye


Nora Wenck introduces the show as always

Hugo greets the two contestants


Alma Lo Moro (blueberry) and Stella Kobs (lemon) are chose - in search of the precious silver or gold star.

Here we go again with the insufferable banter between Hugo and Tiziana D'Arcangelo

The Eurogirls (aka Flag Girls) arrive

Hugo sings "Tutti Frutti"

Two Cin Cin girls are chose for the slot machine round

Yasmine Capelli (grapes)

Natacha Velimirovic (kiwi) 

It's time for contestant Angelika to disrobe for points

Later in the game, Angelika finishes what she started

Alas, Angelika has less Länderpunkt and loses the game. 

The Eurogirls parade to the main stage for goodbyes. 

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