Jun 9, 2016

Tutti Frutti - Part 1


Tutti Frutti was a German spin-off of the Italian game show Colpo Grosso.  Please see the Tutti Frutti main page for detailed information on the game show's background, how to play, the various host and hostesses, Cin Cin girls, and a list of episodes covered on VZ1.   It's such a fun and interesting show that it deserves a closer look. 

Let's walk through three episodes of the first season....


Season 1 - 03-18-1990

Hugo Egon Balder greets today's contestants

Susanne is looking fly for 1990

You know the rules. The contestants pick their Cin Cin girls - Stella Kobs (lemon) and Nicci Foley (strawberry).  Stella has the silver star, Nicci just the fruit.

Hugo does his usual hammy skit with Tiziana D'Arcangelo

Bring on the Eurogirls (Flag Girls for those watching Colpo Grosso)

The first girl takes off the amount of clothing per contestant points

Hugo does "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder

Time for a round of Card Sharks

More Eurogirl stripping

My favorite part of the show is the slot machine.  And there's good reason...

This is the part where every Cin Cin girl takes off their top.

Yasmine Capelli - grapes

Natacha Velimirovic - kiwi

At last, it's time for the awkward strip by the contestant, Susanne.

Susanne gets 40,000 for taking off everything down to the g-string.

She returns to the slot machine where Stefano Celoria the "Wardrobe Supervisor" is waiting for her.

More Eurogirl performances

A game of "Sette e Mezzo” (seven and a half): the contestants try not to get more than seven and a half points when drawing cards. Another game is “Poker Dadi” (poker dice) where Monique Sluyter rolls the dice twice, the contestant with the best poker result wins.

Stefano is called upon again for more Eurogirl stripping

As always it ends with everyone on the main stage having a good time. 

Hugo and Angelique Rinkel bid farewell. 


Season 1  03-25-1990

Hugo greets today's contestants

I love Contestant Michaela's hair

Hugo hams it up with Monique Sluyter

Stella Kobs (lemon) and Alma Lo Moro (blueberry) are chosen, and neither one has a gold or silver star.

It's time for the Eurogirls

Hugo does  "Gloria" by Laura Branigan with his Nylon Band

Take note of brief Cin Cin replacement - Olinka Rebecca Koster (aka Maria La O).  Olinka would go on to perform a few times as a Eurogirl, before completely denouncing the show and trying to erase any connection to it.

Who will be chose for the slot machine fruit match?

Alma Lo Moro (blueberry) gets picked

It's time for contestant Michaela to get on stage

10,000 points and counting

Nora Wenck announces the next contest

France does her striptease

Once again the guy gets the most Länderpunkt and wins

The Flag Girls wave goodbye

Hugo and Stella Kobs say Auf Wiedersehen


Season 1  - 04-01-1990

Nora Wenck and Hugo start another show off

We're introduced to the new guests

Alexa sporting some nice earrings and Aqua-Net do.

She doesn't have anything in the pot, so it's time to awkwardly strip

Nicci Foley (strawberry) and Natacha Velimirovic (kiwi) are selected today, but neither has a silver or gold star.

It's time for the Eurogirls

Hey it's Olinka Rebecca Koster (aka Maria La O)!

As mentioned, Olinka later went by a different name and tried to pretend this never happened.

Another round of Card Sharks

It's slot machine time.

Contestant Alexa strips for another round of points

That's worth 40,000

More Eurogirls

Alexa wins. Monique Sluyter gives Alexa a kiss and the bag of money.  About time a lady won the most Länderpunkt.

The show is over, and the Eurogirls give their wave goodbye. We get another look at Olinka Rebecca Koster.

This gal looks like she nearl slips and busts her ass

Hugo and Stella Kobs say Auf Wiedersehen

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