Jun 7, 2016

Forbidden Science - Weekend - S01E04 (2009)


Forbidden Science was a sci-fi series that aired on Cinemax about a company called 4Ever Innovations which fulfills erotic desires with virtual reality and androids. [For a full list of Forbidden Science episodes see the Forbidden Science Main Page or the VZ1 Series Page

The Main Cast: Laura (Mary LeGault), Bethany Montrose (Joanne Alderson), Julia White (Vanessa Broze), and Dr. Penny Serling (Noelle DuBois

Episode 4 - "Weekend"

In this episode: Laura discovers mysterious evidence at 4Ever, but Colin catches her snooping around. Penny builds a lovebot and tests the android herself. Not completely satisfied, she builds a second lovebot and tests that one, too. Julia meets a man, but she feels incomplete.

Dr. Penny Serling (Noelle DuBois) creates an android designed for sex

She tests it out.

Next Penny creates a female version she calls Shelly (Milena May)

She tests out Shelly's capabilities

Colin Sommers (Levi Freeman) catches Laura (Mary LeGault) snooping around

So he sends a robot bug into mouth

Bethany Montrose (Joanne Alderson) receives a cryptic note written by Laura warning her about level six.

Bethany confronts Laura about it, and she finds Laura has absolutely no memory of it.

Bethany finds the robot bugs on level six and takes one to Penny for investigation.

Colin explains to Bethany that these bugs can crawl up your mouth and erase your memories and replace them with fake ones.  That's what he did to Laura.

Julia White (Vanessa Broze) meets nice guy David (Kevin Kesar)

They have sex

While it's good sex, Julia is still wrestling with the fact that she's a clone. So she has a hard time finding love with David

Julia, Laura and Bethany have a toast. THE END

These are just not good; the sex scenes are pretty bad, the story moves along limply... it's just not working.  Let's give it another shot; a sci-fi Skinamax should be golden even without trying, and it can take a few episodes to find its legs.  Bring on episode five...


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