Jun 8, 2016

Co-Ed Confidential - I Never S01E06 (2007)


Cinemax's take on Animal House (1978) which ran for 4 seasons. The plot setup: the dean shuts down Omega House and the building is turned into a co-ed residence for 4 freshmen supervised by graduate student Ophelia and her boyfriend, James, the former president of Omega House. [See the Season One Co-Ed Confidential Main Page or the VZ1 Series Page for a full list of episodes]

The Season One Main Cast:

James (Kevin Patrick) "the player"

Ophelia (Hannah Harper) "the hottie"

Jose (Oskar Rodriguez) "the nice guy"

Lisa (Sandra Luesse) "the virgin"

Karen (Michelle Maylene) "the party girl"

Freddy (Andre Boyer) "the joker"

Season 1, Episode 6 - "I Never"

Susan (Jassie) and Jose are still going at it after the last episode.

But after they have sex, Susan breaks up with Jose.  She says she has to return to Anchorage as she's run out of money.

At a party, James and Ophelia spot a guy (C.J. Rider) and girl (Cassie Young)

In an effort to make Ophelia jealous, James takes the girl to the bedroom and instructs her to make the loudest orgasmic moaning she can.

She does as she's told

Long after James has finished, the girl impassionately continues to moan while doing her nails.

Ophelia has a similar game plan with the guy.

One they're through, Ophelia also tells her partner to moan to make James jealous.

Jose tells Lisa that Susan has dumped him.

Lisa suggests they play "I Never"

So, the gang all plays...

Lisa has the most embarrassing story... 

At Bible camp a dude tells her that his dick has been bitten by a badger.  To save his life, she sucks the poison out.

But wait - badgers aren't poisonous.  She's been tricked into oral sex.  This story will come back to haunt Lisa in the next episode.

Whoever hasn't had a foursome takes a drink.... and it's revealed Freddy has indeed taken part in a four-way.

His father had set him up with two girls (Angela Stone and Katrina Isis)

So, a threesome was a sure thing.  But then fortune smiled on Freddy even further...

Helen (Aline) had missed her limo ride, and returned.

She sees Freddy with the two girls and wants to join in.

Things get awkward when James says "I Never" to having fallen in love.  This hurts Ophelia deeply and she leaves the room.

James explains that he's not as big of an asshole as it sounds.  In fact, he had proposed to Ophelia once.

She accepted and they had sex.

But Ophelia explains to Lisa that she fucked it all up - because the next morning she had a change of heart.  She was worried that James would never grow up, and she was basically too mature and good for him.  So she left him.  Ophelia would later realize she did want to marry James, but by then it was too late.

What a fucking amazing show.  Funny, decent acting, interesting characters, and (in this episode) even a little emotional.  Plus, gobs of incredible sex and nudity. What more could you ask for in a Cinemax late-night comedy?


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