Jun 8, 2016

Co-Ed Confidential - I Don't S01E11 (2008)


Cinemax's take on Animal House (1978) which ran for 4 seasons. The plot setup: the dean shuts down Omega House and the building is turned into a co-ed residence for 4 freshmen supervised by graduate student Ophelia and her boyfriend, James, the former president of Omega House. [See the Season One Co-Ed Confidential Main Page or the VZ1 Series Page for a full list of episodes]

The Season One Main Cast:

James (Kevin Patrick) "the player"

Ophelia (Hannah Harper) "the hottie"

Jose (Oskar Rodriguez) "the nice guy"

Lisa (Sandra Luesse) "the virgin"

Karen (Michelle Maylene) "the party girl"

Freddy (Andre Boyer) "the joker"

Season 1, Episode 11 - "I Don't"

Jose will have to speak in front of class and gets extremely nervous at public speaking. Lisa offers to help him out.

She suggests that maybe this will make him less nervous.

The arrival of Guillermo (Danny Lopes) - Karen's husband!  She explains the backstory.

It all started when Guillermo, the gardener, had sex with Karen's stepmother (Sydnee Steele)

They're discovered by Karen's dad (Rock Field)

Karen's dad calls INS to have Guillermo deported.

Karen married Guillermo so he wouldn't be deported.  However, the gardener informs her that INS is coming after him still - and she may be implicated as well.

Karen talks to a lawyer and learns that she has to have sex with Guillermo in order for the marriage to be consummated. 

The INS Agent (Angela Nicholas) agen arrives and Freddy tries to stall her.

Jose's name is called to present to the class.

He's nervous as hell and it's not looking good... but he notices Lisa in the back of the class.

Lisa is here with the same anxiety therapy as before....

But Lisa soon gets carried away, moaning in ecstasy.

Jose has to talk loudly, but is able to get through the presentation.

The class can hear Lisa going to town on herself

Well this is embarrassing. 

Guillermo and Karen try to game plan on faking sex to fool the INS

Freddy continues to stall the INS agent, but time is running out.

James and Ophelia greet another arrival at the Omega House - Karen's stepmother.

Upstairs, Karen and Guillermo are still struggling and it seems all is lost.

But then Karen's stepmother arrives

After an initial embarrassment, Karen has a plan.

The INS agent enters the room...

The agent presumes this is Karen - as she answers to Ms. Hargraves.  Convinced, Guillermo has fully consummated the marriage, she leaves them alone.

Guillermo leaves with a happy stepmother.

Freddy, unfortunately, still has a broken dick (see previous episode) and Karen won't stop making fun of him for it.  To be dealt with in the next episode.


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