Jun 8, 2016

Co-Ed Confidential - Clothing Optional S01E05 (2007)


Bear with me folks, as we make our way through Cinemax's take on Animal House which ran for 4 seasons. The plot setup: the dean shuts down Omega House and the building is turned into a co-ed residence for 4 freshmen supervised by graduate student Ophelia (Hannah Harper) and her boyfriend, James, the former president of Omega House. [See the Season One Co-Ed Confidential Main Page or the VZ1 Series Page for a full list of episodes]

The Season One Main Cast:

James (Kevin Patrick) "the player"

Ophelia (Hannah Harper) "the hottie"

Jose (Oskar Rodriguez) "the nice guy"

Lisa (Sandra Luesse) "the virgin"

Karen (Michelle Maylene) "the party girl"

Freddy (Andre Boyer) "the joker"

Season 1, Episode 5 - "Clothing Optional"

Ophelia is taking a human sexuality class and writing a paper on strippers.  This inspires her to do a little striptease of her own for James.

Jose drives  Susan (Jassie) home after a date.  His car is such a sputtering jalopy it causes her to throw up.

Jose wants to go up to her room, but Susan isn't that kind of girl.

Karen, however, is that kind of girl, and is having sex with Jeb (Moulton) in the shower.

Karen gets into it with Freddy for the thousandth time. The two clearly are attracted to each other, but also drive each other nuts.

To help Ophelia with her research, James is taking everyone on a field trip - to a strip club.

Karen is right at home in the club. Lisa and Jose are slack jawed, overwhelmed by the experience.

Ophelia and James are like proud parents - providing sexual education to their wards.

Freddy goes to a private room with a stripper (Brooke Haven)

Ophelia tries to interview the strippers for her project, but no one wants anything to do with her.

The next stripper comes on stage - her name is Enigma.

Enigma gets completely naked.

She takes the mask off... and it's Susan!

Karen and Lisa can't believe what they're seeing.

Jose has no clue.  He's outside trying to call Susan - and, no surprise, she's not answering.

While Susan performs, Lisa tries to keep Jose occupied so he won't see.

Lisa kisses Jose to ensure he doesn't see Susan onstage.

In the car, Juan finally gets a hold of Susan - still oblivious that she is Enigma the stripper.

Freddy, meanwhile, has had his wrists and mouth taped, and the stripper takes his money.

Karen finds him and takes the tape off his mouth, but keeps his ankles and wrists bound.

With Freddy a captive audience, Karen proceeds to strip for him.

Afterwards, Karen and Freddy find everyone has left them.

Jose finds Susan waiting for him at his place.

But when she takes off her bra, Jose realizes that Susan is Enigma.

Needless to say, he's confused - and doesn't understand why she was so prudish with him when she is actually a stripper.

Susan explains that just because you're a stripper doesn't mean you're easy.  She says she doesn't have rich parents and needs to pay tuition somehow.  

Jose and Susan have sex

And as nearly all episodes end - with James and Ophelia having sex.

Another banger.  Well done.

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